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  • Paint The Target – January 2021

    Welcome, Gentlelosties, to 2021. A year foretold in the mists of the past to be the one – THE VERY ONE! – that follows 2020. Remarkably, the world didn’t implode upon itself. I attribute this to the tribute made to the great world spirit by the painters that sent in their submissions for this, the very first Paint The Target of 2021.  You may be interested to know that the dinosaur of a PC that warms the Gdaycave with its blinky lights has Target entries dating all the way back to June 2014, when the old Gday’puter was upgraded. We may need to do a retrospective some day…

    Back to the matter at hand! Behold yon gallery of submissions, holding off the destruction of the world by their very presence! The theme for December’s attack on your piles of silver shame was Seasonal

    Aaaad out of the gate we have support for the way we run the themes for these challenges. The themes – usually a word or short phrase – are completely open to interpretation. The point is to encourage you to paint, not to crush your creativity. Prophaniti1978 pulled out his Iron Chef from Relic Knights. A master in the kitchen, everything he touches is perfectly seasoned.

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  • Paint The Target

    It’s December. The festive season descends upon us like an inevitable celestial wombat, cascading through the atmosphere with tidings of good will laced with anxiety as we try to figure out how to make all this work during a global pandemic. Still, there’s painting happening, and a bunch intrepid brush artists slapped paint on models and sent them in; it’s only fair that I show them to you, before we determine who’s won this month’s prize.

    The Target for your November efforts was “Bullseye” – models that can hit one, models that are currently acting as one. Let’s see what slid off the painting tables…

    It’s not easy being green. These gremlin bushwhackers are making the most of it though, thanks you a little help from NotThatOne.

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  • Pandemic Projects and tackling the silver hoard

    A little introspection today. Late last week Lonelymonk finally made a new post on the wall of his cave that cast aspersions on his dietary habits: How to eat an elephant. Tossing Lonelymonk a huge thumbs-up for working his way through such a daunting project with 110 boardgame models from the Widower’s Wood kickstarter, interspersed with Marvel Crisis Protocol, Riot Quest, and a commissioned Flesh-Eater Courts army, is the least we can do. The man ploughs through his painting projects, and I can’t help but ponder the pace at which I paint myself, the projects I have underway and waiting in the wings.

    Thanks to the time gained by working from home, the #PandemicProject  yielded the first painted Warmahammer (okay, Age of Sigmar) army I’ve owned since the late 1990’s, when I sold off my Undead, Chaos Dwarves, High Elves and Beastmen (along with a whole bunch of other stuff) to facilitate my migration halfway around the planet. Yeah, I still have to paint the Zombie Dragon, but with over 3500pts of Ghouls completed since March, knowing that I paint at a glacial rate, I’m pretty happy with the achievement.

    While I’ve been making good inroads on my Crisis Protocol backlog (Drax is on the painting table as I write), they’re an ongoing project. Atomic Mass keeps teasing new models that are in the pipeline, and while I’m compartmentalizing into team affiliations to help focus my efforts with the Guardians and the Defenders, those jerks just announced in the past week that we’ve got the Inhumans on the way. Who doesn’t want to paint Lockjaw? He’s the best doggo!

    As an ongoing effort, though, Crisis Protocol isn’t something that I can look at as a project, as something I can complete. For that I have to turn to the myriad other models lurking in the basement of the Gdaycave. There’s the new Menite army. There’s the Flesh Tearers for 40K. There’s all of the chibi models from Super Dungeon Explore, Ninja All-Stars and Rail Raiders Infinite. There’s a couple of Blood Bowl teams. There’s Cawdor for Necromunda (and some Orlocks in the wings). There’s several hero boxes from Godtear, and a Guild Ball Falconers team down there. There’s some Wild West Exodus and Malifaux. Monsterpocalypse and Riot Quest. There’s Lords of Hellas if I want to drive myself insane. And yes, there’s Undercity and Widowers Wood too.

    Craig talks about motivation in his post, and how being able to chat with other painters in the Brush Wielders Union helps keep him chugging, and he’s not wrong. Sharing your WIP’s with other painters, celebrating completed models online, is a big thing right now, especially as we can’t get together and share models face to face while observing COVID restrictions. Following some inspiring painters on Instagram can be a huge help as well, such as my old pal Tim (Moth2Paint), or seek inspiration from someone working on a similar project. I’ve been talking with Lady Khaine about her Flesh Tearers; if you’re looking at Tyranids you can’t go wrong with Hive Fleet Spectre for a striking project, and there’s always big names in the hobby like Angel Giraldez, who’ll be working with Privateer on some upcoming pieces.

    There’s no doubt, the sense of accomplishment to completing a big project like Lonelymonk’s Widowers Wood set or my Flesh-Eater Courts, but I’m a slow painter on the best of days, and staring down the barrel of a seemingly never-ending project is going to suck all the motivation right out of the gate. I think that’s part of the reason I’m having trouble getting stuck into my Flesh Tearers, combined with the overbearing uncertainty as to when we’ll be through all this COVID stuff and can gather to play games again. I don’t have an enormous collection of grey plastic space marines, but there’s enough to get through, and they’re a tad more complicated to paint than a Crypt Ghoul. Getting them all painted is a long term goal, but for now I’m not in the best place to eat an elephant, to use Lonelymonk’s term.

    For now, maybe a smaller pachyderm. A rhino? A tapir maybe? Work has begun on my Cawdor gang, the Kings Row Monarchs. There’s a very limited selection of people who’ll get the reference, but those couple of dozen City of Heroes veterans who played in our little PVP league may even recognize the colour scheme.  The red high-top chucks are just a bonus.


  • Paint The Target

    Did everyone survive the weekend? No-one was abducted by any ghouls or ghosties? Everyone adhered to local directives and guidelines regarding masks and social distancing and the like? We’re into a new month, time to issue a new challenge, but first we need to check out the October submissions! The challenge was Rise, being it raising the dead, soaring to new heights, or I guess even baking a souffle would count. Let’s take a gander, shall we?

    Channeling your best Games Workshop skulliness is an integral part of being a necromancer. Question is, who’s making skull print petticoats? Wil N might have some answers for us.

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  • Paint The Target

    October arrives, and with it, a new month’s Target gallery and challenge! September’s challenge was “Landscaping”, and as usual contributors had free rein to interpret the term. Fancy bases? Good. Terrain? Good. A model with a shovel? Good. Something that makes craters? Good. Participants are actively encouraged to get creative with their interpretations, since – as always – the goal is to get people painting, and someone’s gonna win something. On with the show!

    SimonS sent in not one, but two Relic Knights, showcasing their bases. Kisa’s relik is surrounded by glowing crystalline scratching posts, and Zineda’s forgotten her damn pants again. You’d think the Noh Empire would be on top of things like that.

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  • AoS: Pandemic Project Update

    You know that feeling you get when you’ve overcome an obstacle and the end is in sight, only to find the last step is another obstacle? After having the model stare at me judgmentally for what seems like forever, the #PandemicProject finally pushed me to finishing the Terrorgheist (well, except for basing). The Court of the Radiant King, a splinter of the Hollowmourne Grand Court resident in Hysh, just to give those arrogant Lumineth something to think about.

    The largest GW model I’ve tackled in over two decades (not to mention being so much larger than the classic metal Zombie Dragon from the 90’s), finally stumbling over the mental hurdle that was the Terrorgheist means that the only kit remaining to be assembled and painted in my entire ghoul collection is the Zombie Dragon (with its attendant Ghoul King, of course). Being so close to the finish line for the project has also pushed me to make a decision re: how I plan to base the army. I’m opting for a lighter brown, dirt and rocks, starting with a P3 Beast Hide base.

    Of course, achieving a milestone in the project means it was time for a new Family Photo!

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  • Krootoberfest!

    This month’s Paint The Target deadline is rapidly approaching (have you sent in your submission yet?) but today’s post is a blatant plug for another painting contest entirely. If you’ve had your ear to the grist mill, you may be aware of lost pal Faultie’s phenomenal Kroot army. Packed with outstanding converions, Faultie has been one of the masterminds behind the planned Siege of Pech event at Adepticon, featuring armies entirely of converted Kroot models.  A quick check of the #siegeofpech and #krootvasion tags on Instagram will show you just how far the idea has spread.

    The creativity on display as the modelers assemble their “Counts-as” armies is just plain outstanding, and if you’ve got a hankering, you too can play along. Details below the cut!

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  • Paint The Target

    Isn’t there a song about September rain or something? Precipitation seems to inspire lyricists, but not out painters! Well, not this month at least least. Throughout August many of us had GenCon on  our minds, and Genevieve – the draconic mascot – set the target for us. Scaled overlords sojourning from distant mountains, or furrowed brows in positions of powers of insular empires with draconic regimes, painters were encouraged to reach out and touch their scaly sides. Let’s see what we ended up with!

    Monkeybrains managed to avoid being scooped out at the start of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, but the boss of the dungeon doesn’t care how “Super” you are when you explore his catacombs… the resculpted Starfire, the original boss of SDE!

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  • MCP: Alternative Schemes

    I remember walking into GenCon’s dealer hall and seeing Marvel Crisis Protocol directly through the doors. Atomic Mass Games had secured prime booth space and couldn’t be ignored: They were here to make a splash. For the record, they absolutely freaking did. While I was able to chat with the guys on and off over the course of the weekend, it wasn’t until Sunday that I was able to squeeze up to one of the demo tables and actually get to try the game. For the record, I played Red Skull. No foreshadowing.

    Getting to chat with Dallas and Will, knowing their strengths with the paintbrush, it wasn’t long before discussion of paint schemes came up. We talked a little about how fun the models would be to paint, but the thing that was on my mind was that everyone would be basically inclined to paint the models with the traditional schemes we all know and love from the comics.

    We’re all used to seeing Cap in red, white and blue. Tony’s red and gold armor. Widow in a black suit. Would the Green Goblin be the Green Goblin if he wasn’t green? Part of it is, I think, the fact that a lot of the game’s appeal is in putting characters on the table that many of us have known and loved for decades. We want to be able to write those stories and adventures in our heads as we play, and well, Hulk is iconically green and wears purple pants. Never mind that he’s been grey, that there’s been red and blue variants, our iconic Hulk is a green skinned behemoth and the idea of his not looking “right” takes us out of that experience. Hence, we paint him green (well, I did).

    Dallas and Will were clear that they were excited to see people paint the models in alternate colour schemes, but an additional hurdle is that the sculpts themselves – fantastic reproductions – lend themselves to one particular scheme. Captain America’s sculpt, for example, does not immediately lend itself to the USAgent scheme, because the chest detail is different. Another example is Ghost Rider, who is clearly based on Johnny Blaze’s image, rather than Danny Ketch.

    Don’t misunderstand me, I -love- the Johnny Blaze Ghost Rider, and if we get Hercules, Iceman and Angel, you can bet I’ll be adding Black Widow to round out the 1975 Champions roster (damn, I’m old), but Ghost Rider’s history is long and storied, from the utterly amazing Trail of Tearsseries telling the story of how Zarathos came to the West, to the Cosmic Ghost Rider where Frank Castle is the Herald of Galactus. Everyone has their own favourite incarnation of the Spirit of Vengeance, so being able to translate the model into a personal vision through paint alone can be a challenge when the sculpt is very clear in its vision.

    And then Will Shick posted this earlier in the week.

    You can click the picture to watch the Twitch Stream.

    The simple action of changing the colour of the flame has made a huge difference to the way the model presents. Even ignoring the skill level of the artist, it’s a great example of how you can make a model your own just by thinking a little outside of the comic panel.

    I mean, I’ll still be painting my Ghost Rider in the traditional scheme when I get one, but I can definitely appreciate the value of Atomic Mass Games’ Twitch streams. Now, if only they aired when I wasn’t at work… 😉


  • A state of the painting table, plus bonus ponderances

    Morning, all. Let’s catch up a little, shall we? The Covid pandemic continues, and getting together is still being discouraged by the powers that be. While some communities are opening up more and more, there are still guidelines for social distancing, and masks continue to be the order of the day.

    My FLGS has opened again for in-store gaming (with limited capacity), but while I’m pleased to be able to browse the shelves in person once again, the idea of leaning across a table to play with someone outside of my bubble just doesn’t sit right, even with masks in place. Gaming tables are generally 4′ across, and if two players are leaning in to measure, move models, check lines of sight – well, they’re well within the 6′ social distancing limit at that point. I get that everyone has their own comfort levels, but reducing possible infection vectors is the priority. I wear a mask whenever I’m in public not to protect me, but to protect everyone I come into proximity with. Anyone can be asymptomatic, and if wearing some material over my face means I don’t inadvertently infect someone who passes it on to their grandparent who then dies, well, the entire point of all these precautions is to protect the weakest and most vulnerable members of our society. That’s important.

    So in the absence of getting any actual gaming in, we turn to the other side of being a tabletop wargamer: The hobby aspect. Collecting, building and painting the miniatures that we hope to be able to game with once all this is over and done with. As a grade-A squirrel, I have several different projects on the go simultaneously, and I flit between them as whims take me. Currently my painting efforts are divided between:

    Warmachine – Scrutator Potentate Severius and a Shrine of the Lawgiver

    Grand Scrutator Severius was the first Menite warcaster that I really sank my teeth into. The old man was squishy, but Eye of Menoth and Ashes to Asheswon me many games back in Mk2. When they released Scrutator Potentate Severius, a version of the old man back when he was spry and his lumbago wasn’t playing up, it was only a matter of time before it ended up on the painting table. Other projects have taken precedence for awhile, but it’s time. I’ve had to redo some portions after one of the birds got ahold of the model and decided to remove one of the arms, but he’s progressing well and should be finished soon.

    The Shrine of the Lawgiver is primed and in the queue. It may not have the organic beauty of the Well of Orboros, but there’s a degree of gravitas in the standalone tower, a landlocked lighthouse casting aside the shadows of the devourer wurm and sharing Menoth’s light with those in need. Or zotting them into oblivion. You know, as you do. If Severius hangs out nearby, its Divine Wrathzap becomes a boostable RAT 7 POW 15. I picked up two shrines when they released, and not just because they came with Black Anchor Oven Mitts and I wanted a pair.

    Age of Sigmar – Terrorgheist and Endless Spells

    The Flesh-Eater Courts were my main pandemic project. At the start of it all, I had five Crypt Ghouls painted, and the Charnel Throne. I hadn’t put any real time into pushing for a fully painted Age of Sigmar army since the late 1990’s, before I immigrated to Canada, and I’d done nothing more than paint a couple of test models for the scheme to see how it would work out. Now? Over 70 Crypt Ghouls, a dozen Crypt Horrors, a half dozen Crypt Flayers, the Grymwatch character unit, a battery of heroes (Archregent, Varghulf, Ghasts, Haunters and Infernals), and all three Endless Spells. The only models remaining unpainted are the most daunting – the Abhorrant Ghoul King on Terrorgheist, and the Zombie Dragon (with or without Ghoul King). The Terrorgheist is fully assembled, which will make it that much harder to paint, but it’s primed and ready to go. The Zombie Dragon is unassembled.

    I’ve been knocking out the occasional generic Endless Spell as well, and right now the Aethervoid Pendulum and Malevolent Maelstrom are primed and ready to go.

    Monsterpocalypse – Yasheth and Blastikutter

    When Monsterpocalype dropped with its newest incarnation, I decided to cast my lot firmly with the Destroyers. I painted up Gorghadra (and even tried teaching some of the parrots to say it) and the Planet Eaters, but painting up the limited edition Brewgrosh made me happy and the Lords of Cthul became the hot favourite. I still need to pick up Ulgoth, mind you.

    Once Hammerklak breached the surface, the only possible rival for my MonPoc affection was clear. The Subterran Uprising needed a champion, and by gum was in. I’m still waiting for a second unit blister and a new version of Drillcon-Vorionnik, but when our new overlords from underneath are ready to claim the surface world for their own, I will be ready.

    Warhammer 40K – Primaris Marines

    I’ve struggled with 40K since selling off all my old models back in the old country to finance my immigration. Still, one of the realities of tabletop gaming is, you can’t play without an opponent. The local Warmachine community took a hit when The Hobby Kingdom shuttered its doors, and the change to Mk3 and the change in release philosophies also had an impact. Fact of the matter is, 40K’s the biggest game in town locally. I’ve picked up models here and there, and after waffling back and forth on what marine chapter to commit to, I ended up with the Flesh Tearers. Yes, I know. Flesh-Eater Courts for AoS, Flesh Tearers for 40K. I didn’t name either faction, ain’t my fault.

    A big part of the appeal was the deeper red and black armour. Aesthetic is always a huge thing for me, and while I’ve never been a fan of the Blood Angels, the character of their successor chapter appeals, and the glimpse of insanity behind the eyes of chapter master Gabriel Seth as he tries to redeem a chapter on the cusp of exterminatus? Well… one can only resist all the hype that’s surrounded the 9th ed release for so long. Five primaris intercessors are on the table as I get familiar with the scheme.

    Marvel Crisis Protocol – Okoye and Shuri

    I have a lot of MCP models to get to, and the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Defenders are the two affiliations I intend to focus on, but I’ve had Wakanda’s general and princess primed and waiting for paint for far too long. Before I tackle Gamora and Nebula, I intend to get these two ladies done to round out their faction. I confess, this is more of a muscle-through-so-I-can-reward-myself duo, but it still needs to be done. Ronan is judging me for letting them languish in the to-do bin for so long.

    Necromunda – Ambot

    As indicated by Monday’s post, I’m hearing the call of the Underhive, and the Ambot kit that’s been sitting in my drawer for months is finally seeing daylight. Do I have any idea what I’m doing with the newest iteration of Cawdor? Nah, not really, I’m just playing for fun, but you can be damn sure I’m going to be fielding a massive thug of a mining robot with buzzsaws attached to its servo claws.

    Riot Quest – Master Gurglepox

    The last model in the current to-do list, Master Gurglepox is a necrotech riding a Deathripper. I don’t know how else to explain that to make it sound any cooler than it already is. A chattering, maniacal surgeon with a buzzsaw, mounted on the back of a bipedal chompy robot with an underbite. I’ve got plenty of Riot Quest models to get through, but there’s something about Gurglepox that got him slotted into the current array.

    Now, with so many projects underway, how do I decide which to work on at any one time? Some of you have been around long enough to be familiar with the Wheel.

    The Wheel Knows All. The Wheel Is All.

    The Wheel is actually the Decide Now! app on my phone, which lets you make custom spinning wheels to make decisions for you when your brain is either squirreling all over the place or just plain blank.

    The Wheel has been used over the years to determine Paint The Target winners, to choose which theme forces to play in a pick-up game, to select warcasters and warlocks for Who’s The Boss tournaments, even what to have for dinner once or twice.

    Slotting each of the painting options into the wheel means if I’m not inspired to work on any particular model, I can let the vagaries of fate decide for me. As I finish a model, I also have the option of replacing it with something else, to keep the productivity train rolling.

    One day, this whole pandemic thing will be done. We’ll have a vaccine, or will otherwise have eliminated it in our areas, and be able to gather again with our friends and family. We’ll be able to socialize and play games face-to-face again. I intend to be painted and ready when the time comes.