Claw Machines of North America

The year is 2019. Gdaybloke is on a road trip from his home in Ontario to CaptainCon in Rhode Island. Pit stops occur along the route, and after a few the bald guy notes that there are claw machines all over the place. Thus was inspired the digital gallery of claw machines.

2019 Road Trip to CaptainCon

You too can play for a small box of Nerds!

All pink squishy pigs…or a bunch of stuffed animals crammed tightly together?

While they can’t be jammed in together, the claw alignment needs to be pretty perfect to get around a ball.

What exactly makes it an All American Chicken?

Now, here’s a machine I can get behind. Prize every time? It’s the Buck-A-Duck Plucky Ducky!

The Fruit Ninja Pineapple called to me… but only softly.

Wal-Mart, complete with price tiers per your budget.

The Sugar Loaf Staff packed theirs appropriately for the season!

Out of curiosity I actually tried this one. Boxes have edges and corners, but they’re also slippery.

The Plucky Ducky writes to its Congressman complaining about the Deep Sea Catcher’s obvious turtle bias. You know, blissfully unaware of the Plucky Ducky’s own speciesest tendencies.

Use the claw to pick up a chain!

Now, imagine how bad you must have messed up that they posted a request for help identifying you in the back of a claw machine.

And the award for the emptiest Pirate’s Chest – where you can get a Fidget Spinner! – goes to…

The amount of cheek on that ball on the right…

Not a claw machine,but if you can line up the blades to cut the cord, you can watch your electronics prize drop and smack hard into the chute below!

The Duck Catcher’s alternate claw and lack of promise of a win every time has me questioning its true motives.

Big plush sportsball!

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