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  • Burnination Incarnate: The Menite Archon

    We could start by quoting Meatloaf and talking about flying rodents launching out of the abyss, but the Menite Archon isn’t a bat and Urcaen doesn’t directly equate to Hell, so… Like a flaming manifestation of Law out of the shared afterlife of the Iron Kingdoms, I’ll be soaring across the battlefield burning heretics when the morning comes. Man, that really doesn’t roll of the tongue…

    After a hiatus while we upgraded some of the equipment in the Gdaycave (I can now type blog posts at the exact same speed on a computer that’s much faster than my old dinosaur!), we’re happy to be back with the model that kept me busy painting over the last while. You’d think that, as a long time Protectorate of Menoth player, I’d be more comfortable painting flame… but the Archon took it to a new level with its blazing pinions and the conflagration on which it rises, not to mention the adorable little burning head.

    While the Menite Archon was one of the first released, it’s no less potent than any of its counterparts. With sword and flail both limned with righteous flame, anything it strikes will soon be rendered naught but ashes. Convenient, since the Archon defends itself with an ashen veil, the burning haze blurring its outline from a distance, and choking opponents in close.

    The sword channels the essence of Menoth’s Law, denying those who would use magic to bend reality and dispelling their enchantments. Meanwhile the flail swings wide, threshing everything within range as the flames burn hotter. Divinely inspired, the Archon’s strikes are even more accurate and deadly than you would expect, and woe betide any who harm its charges, vengeance will be swiftly delivered, with righteous fury.

    There, I think I managed to sneak in an obscure reference to every rule on its card, except for Grievous Wounds on the flail. No matter how you want to look at it, the Menite Archon is a powerhouse of blazing destruction, and a perfect fit for flame-centric lists, with Fuel For the Flames making all damage rolls for the Fire continuous effect burn at +2 to the roll.

    Of course, the Menite Archon recognizes all who venerate the creator, not just those devout citizens of the Protectorate. The adherents of the Old Faith in Khador can welcome the divine manifestation of judgmental third degree burns into their lists as well.

    When you come up with a new paint scheme, it can be a challenge finding one that translates nicely across different model types. My old scheme of bright white and mid blues yielded to off-white armor and purple cloth, with blue menofixes as an accent. I wanted to have this model look almost like it had a ceramic feel, baked in the purifying kiln of Menoth’s love. The Archon is the second 50mm base model I’ve painted in the new scheme (the other being Hand of Silence), and by far the largest. Aside from being a shameful reminder of how few Menites I painted last year, it’s also an encouraging step forward as I work on my Brush Wielders Union goals. There’ll be a Brawlmachine list done by the end if the year, by hook or by crook!

    I figure I should prime some Paladins next time I’m prepping some models… need to get those Shield Sisters ready for war.

  • On hallowed wings: The Death Archon

    The Archons have been a very popular addition to Warmachine and Hordes for Privateer Press. Is it the idea of divine manifestations soaring across the battlefield, the literal power of deities made tangible form to smite thy foes? The Menite, Morrowan and Thamarite Archons led the charge, only to be followed by the Dhunian, Primal, Blight and the Defiled Archon of the Grymkin. Now the Death Archon has taken flight.

    The troublesome ponderance here is, who is the Death Archon beholden to? Each of the other archons is bound to a specific deity or cosmic being. Menoth,  Thamar, Everblight, etc – but the Death Archon materialized at the battle of Henge Hold over a pile of corpses, perhaps drawn into being by the massive carnage of a conflict bigger than any the Iron Kingdoms had seen before.

    An embodiment of the concept of death itself, perhaps, or a cosmic counterbalance. The Death Archon didn’t appear until the other archons had entered the field. For every action, an equal and opposite reaction. If the gods of Caen were going to make themselves manifest, perhaps the universe has filled the void on the other side of the scales with bone and blades…

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