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    I remember starting in on miniature gaming in the 80’s and 90’s in Australia. I remember there really only bring one game in town. Times gave changed so much, there are so many wonderful games from so many genres, with so many concepts, so many great options if you want fantasy, sci fi, and everything in between. While at GenCon I had the pleasure of chatting briefly with Belen Moreno, Corvus Belli’s Director of Marketing, and a chance to look over some new shinies for their flagship game – Infinity – and their newer game, Aristeia.

    Belen was kind enough to give me a promo pack, complete with a Croc Man (it’s almost like she knew I was Australian), a press booklet, and the quick start rules for Infinity. Now, I’ve tried Infinity in the past – I had a small force of PanOceania models (I still do… shh) – but I had a negative play experience, and wrapping my old duffer head around the back-and-forth was tough for me. That doesn’t mean it’s not an amazing game, mind you. I’m going to get those knights painted one of these days…

    Infinity – https://infinitythegame.com/

    Infinity has set the standard for sci-fi, truescale miniature models, and the intense way actions and reactions work in gameplay means that you don’t have a moment to sit down and wait for your opponent to finish your game. You’re always engaged in the conflict. With nine factions to choose between, and subthemes in each – it’s hard not to find something that appeals aesthetically, and each has its own playstyle, strengths and vulnerabilities. I’ve looked at several games over the years as it looked like my friends are having fun with them, but far too often nothing in the model range calls to me. Infinity doesn’t suffer from that at all, with gorgeous models from almost every faction (Sorry, Combined Army, even your updated Morats don’t sing to me). It blew my mind when I first started assembling Infinity models, after becoming used to the more exaggerated scale of Privateer and GW models. Tiny details, thin antennae and more – They’re a radically different painting experience.,

    Aristeia! – https://aristeiathegame.com

    There are a number of great sport games out there, many tapping into existing sports and twisting them to their genres and universes. Blood Bowl is one of the oldest examples of this, and of course, Guild Ball is one of the most popular ones out there nowadays. Aristeia! is Corvus Belli’s offering, and taps into the popularity of MOBA video games like League Of Legends, Overwatch, etc, where a disparate group of gladiators compete for victory. Like those games, there’s no real established themes to build your teams around. Each hero has their own schtick, their own motif, from Valkyrie’s nordic majesty to 8-Ball’s human panda look, from Mushashi’s future samurai to Wild Bill’s cowboy look. In keeping with the MOBA style, there’s even different skins – Maxmus is normally armoured in high tech plating, but you can get an alternate version inspired by the Spartans of 300.

    … and of course, I had to pick up the convention exclusive Dart model, playable with both Aristeia! and Infinity…

    A three piece model, assembly was nice and straightforward. The bow arm connects at the shoulder with a shaped socket, as does the sword at her hip. There’s still some cleanup to be done, but she’s a super neat archer model one way or another, and who knows, if I get into Aristeia! down the line, I’ve got a starting point…