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  • LH’s Annual Fundraiser: Who and where!

    We’re a little later than usual with the announcement this year, but I’m pleased to announce that a beneficiary has been selected for our next fundraising efforts. For those not in the loop, Lost Hemisphere, in conjunction with the New England Privateers, has run a fundraiser at Templecon every year, leaning on the generosity of gamers who’ve made the trek to Rhode Island in February to engage in some excellent gaming. This  year there was some confusion with Templecon moving to August, but the lads behind CaptainCon recognize how important it is that we have some East Coast shenanigans in February and boldly stepped into the the spot vacated by Templecon, even maintaining the same venue, so yes, we are holding our annual fundraiser this coming February, yes, it will be held at the Crown Plaza in Warwick, Rhode Island, yes, I’m hoping to see many of you there as we embrace the change and enjoy CaptainCon: Winter Harbour.


    Okay, so we’ve established that we’re doing a thing, but who are we doing it for?

    We has a tradition of choosing smaller, local charities who are in need, where our donations and assistance can make a very real impact on the lives of those in need. We’ll often select a charity that has special or significant meaning for the Lost crew, and this year is no exception. For CaptainCon 2016, the beneficiary of our fundraising efforts will be Rosie’s Place.


    Please click the graphic, check them out for yourself.

    Rosie’s Place was founded in 1974 as the first Women’s Shelter in the United States. Operating out of Boston, MA, Rosie’s Place supports and helps literally thousands of women in need on an annual bases, and – here’s the kicker – does it without any City, State or Federal funding. On top of that, and this made me feel particularly pleased about this choice, 88 cents in every dollar donated to Rosie’s Place goes directly to services for poor, underprivileged and homeless women. Given the stories we hear about some charities and their overheads and donation percentage distribution, I was heartened to hear that such a significant portion would be applied directly to those in need.

    Rose’s Place offers emergency services – meals, beds, health and wellness care – to those in need, as well as things like language classes, job and housing search assistance, advocacy, stability – they even maintain an outreach van to get to those who can’t get to the shelter.

    I hope you’ll join us at CaptainCon, and that we can count on your help in making the fundraiser a success.

    Where do you come in?

    You can help. Every year we hold this fundraiser as an enormous raffle with prizes provided by Lost Hemisphere, our sponsors at Dragon Forge, KR Multicase and Broken Egg Games, and also thanks to the donations from our patrons at Privateer Press, and other awesome companies such as Soda Pop Miniatures, Arena Rex, Tectonic Craft Studios, Games and Gears, and more.

    We also turn to you, our readers, and ask if you have something you’d like to donate. Last Templecon we had several fully painted armies donated by the community, and thanks to you we managed to raise over $5000 for the Hope Alzheimer’s Center. Yes, we’re CaptainCon this year, but I’m hoping we can pool together to have an awesome prize table.

    So you can do one of two things (or, preferably, both):

    1. Email me at gdaybloke@losthemisphere.com and tell me how pretty I am… also, let me know if you or your gaming community can help us out with the prize table. New In Box or fully painted models only please. This is *not* restricted to Warmachine/Hordes, though of course we do love our lizard overlords at Privateer Press. If you think you can help us raise funds for a worthy cause, get in touch.
    2. Actually attend CaptainCon, and bring your generous heart with you. We want an awesome prize table, yes, but we also need people there to buy raffle tickets. This is an opportunity for you to directly benefit women in need, and with any luck to walk away from the prize table with something particularly shiny at the same time.

    I look forward to hearing from  you, and to seeing as many of you as possible at CaptainCon. What’s that? The Lost Hemisphere pins are being recast in new colours and will be available for the first time at CaptainCon? Well, then, I guess we’ll have to see if we can’t use them to help too…

  • Templecon Fundraiser Call For Contributions

    Man, I’d be so much more productive if I stopped playing SimCity Buildit… Maybe then I wouldn’t be so far behind in my painting for Templecon. Relevance, you ask? Well, not much other than the link to Templecon itself, really. It is time for a reminder of this year’s annual Lost Hemisphere Charity Fundraiser though.

    Templecon 2015’s beneficiary is the Hope Alzheimer’s Center of Cranston, Rhode Island. Some folks have asked why not a larger charity, and it’s a fair question. The reason is that a lot of larger charity organizations have a larger overhead to match, and portions of the proceedings are lost to that overhead. $500 is a drop in the bucket to multi-million dollar groups. They do amazing things, for sure, but that same $500 for a smaller charity could mean, for example, doubling their monthly budget for recreation therapy for their residents. It is in this way that we can make a direct and significant impact on the lives of people suffering from Alzheimer’s and the people that care for them. In the past twelve months the Gdayclan has lost two of its matriarchs, and other members of the Titans have also been affected by Alzheimer’s in a large way this year. The choosing of the Hope Center is a very personal thing for us.

    Of course, we hope that you’ll be able to join us at Templecon and you’ll have a generous spirit, purchasing many raffle tickets, from which all proceeds will go directly to the Hope Alzheimer’s Center, facilitated by our good pals from the New England Privateers (who you can support further by looking into maybe attending CaptainCon).

    Now, I did just say raffle tickets – we’d like to give attendees a chance to win something shiny to bring home from Templecon. To make that happen, we need shiny things. We’ll be providing a bunch of stuff ourselves, but we’re also accepting donations for the prize table. We’re looking for donations to be either New-In-Box or fully painted – we want to have them displayed on the table, catching the eyes of passers-by and enticing them to support our fundraising efforts. To that end, the prize pool currently includes (but is not limited to):

    • Fully painted Cephalyx (Exulon Thexus) force, donated by Lost Painter (and Party Fouler) Tuna
    • Fully painted Legion of Everblight (Kallus) force, donated by Rawrmachine‘s Tyrant Mithras
    • Fully painted Shae theme force, donated by prolific podcast pom Kev Bryant
    • Asphyxious the Hellbringer, donated by Noghannan and painted by Rob Hawkins
    • Custom Earthbreaker Colossal, donated by Faultie
    • Custom Rask and Ironback Spitter, donated by CaptainSpud
    • Vyros2, Destors and Thanes, donated by Podthrall Dale of THACO Podcast
    • Archangel, donated by ANDY FROM UK!
    • War Hog, donated by local awesome guy MortymerXT
    • High Command: Faith & Fortune w/ Escalating Conflict
    • High Command: Castle of the Keys
    • Level 7: Invasion

    There’s more coming that we’re waiting on the final details for, including (but again, not limited to) tournament trays from Broken Egg Games, miniature storage solutions from KR Multicase, resin bases from Dragon Forge Design, and more models from Privateer Press, Soda Pop Miniatures, Arena Rex and Lord knows who else by the time we’re done.

    This is where you can help out.

    We had a fantastic table last Templecon, and I’m not going to lie – this one’s already looking pretty sweet, but we can make it even sweeter. If you think you might have time to paint up a model or two for the table… if you think your local store might be interested… if you’ve managed to make a life-size plush Shredder… If you think you might be able to contribute to the prize table in any way, please drop me an email at gdaybloke@losthemisphere.com and we can get into a dialogue to make this happen.

    I know I’m not speaking just for myself when I say thank you for your consideration.