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  • Captain 2019 Fundraiser Update!

    [Dramatic voice] Oh, haven’t you heard? [/Dramatic voice] Lost Hemisphere is teaming up with the New England Privateers to run our annual fundraiser at CaptainCon in February. Yes, we do this every year. Yes, it’s amazing, I know, I know – and I’m thrilled to be able to give you an update and an insight into some of the goodies that are going to be on the prize table, thanks to the generous support of some of our friends in the industry and some amazing Losties, just like you, dear reader. We first announced the 2019 fundraiser here: Linky!

    For 2019 we are raising for the Asperger/Autism Network, who support both those on the autism spectrum and those who care for them. Raising a child is hard enough under the best of circumstances. Supporting them when there are additional challenges can be utterly heartbreaking. Services like AANE help people on the spectrum learn skills they need as they deal with the world at large, and they also help the caregivers by providing them with tools, techniques, and better understanding of what our loved ones are going through.

    What makes this fundraiser a success every year is support we receive from our friends, both gamers and game companies. Today I’d like to tell you about some of the wonderful stuff we have coming in for the prize table, thanks to our generous contributors.

    Arena Rex will be contributing multiple starter sets, packed with their utterly gorgeous gladiators. Which schools will be represented this year? Ludus Magnus? Legio XIII? Morituri? Zephyri? Maybe even the new Helleniki…

    Small logo, big support! KR Multicase has supported us every year with amazing cases, which are always among the first prizes to be claimed from the table. I’ve been using their products pretty much exclusively since I discovered them, and I can’t say enough good things about KR as a miniatures transport solution. This time around some lucky winners are going to have their pick from:

    • Kaiser2 with colour trays
    • Backpack2 with colour trays
    • Standard card case with colour trays
    • 2x Half size card case with colour trays

    If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Elizabeth Beckley, then I really don’t know what to tell you. She’s pretty spiffy, and has teamed up with Aaron Lovejoy to produce Miniature Monthly, a Patreon based service offering painting tutorials. If you’d like to see some of Elizabeth’s work, she was the brush behind a whole bunch (all?) of the Wander miniatures. Elizabeth has pledged to send us something from her own painting table. We don’t know just what yet, but I’m excited to see what she sends.

    If you’ve flipped through Forces of Warmachine: Retribution of Scyrah, you may have already marveled at this helmeted House Shyeel Magister. Gosh, you may have thought, I’d love to own that. Thanks to the generosity of Drew Drescher, someone will. It’s already in a box and on its way.

    Stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to February, and share some of the other amazing support coming in. Also, if you’re coming to CaptainCon, remember to bring a little extra to buy tickets 😉

  • LH’s Annual Fundraiser: Who and where!

    We’re a little later than usual with the announcement this year, but I’m pleased to announce that a beneficiary has been selected for our next fundraising efforts. For those not in the loop, Lost Hemisphere, in conjunction with the New England Privateers, has run a fundraiser at Templecon every year, leaning on the generosity of gamers who’ve made the trek to Rhode Island in February to engage in some excellent gaming. This  year there was some confusion with Templecon moving to August, but the lads behind CaptainCon recognize how important it is that we have some East Coast shenanigans in February and boldly stepped into the the spot vacated by Templecon, even maintaining the same venue, so yes, we are holding our annual fundraiser this coming February, yes, it will be held at the Crown Plaza in Warwick, Rhode Island, yes, I’m hoping to see many of you there as we embrace the change and enjoy CaptainCon: Winter Harbour.


    Okay, so we’ve established that we’re doing a thing, but who are we doing it for?

    We has a tradition of choosing smaller, local charities who are in need, where our donations and assistance can make a very real impact on the lives of those in need. We’ll often select a charity that has special or significant meaning for the Lost crew, and this year is no exception. For CaptainCon 2016, the beneficiary of our fundraising efforts will be Rosie’s Place.


    Please click the graphic, check them out for yourself.

    Rosie’s Place was founded in 1974 as the first Women’s Shelter in the United States. Operating out of Boston, MA, Rosie’s Place supports and helps literally thousands of women in need on an annual bases, and – here’s the kicker – does it without any City, State or Federal funding. On top of that, and this made me feel particularly pleased about this choice, 88 cents in every dollar donated to Rosie’s Place goes directly to services for poor, underprivileged and homeless women. Given the stories we hear about some charities and their overheads and donation percentage distribution, I was heartened to hear that such a significant portion would be applied directly to those in need.

    Rose’s Place offers emergency services – meals, beds, health and wellness care – to those in need, as well as things like language classes, job and housing search assistance, advocacy, stability – they even maintain an outreach van to get to those who can’t get to the shelter.

    I hope you’ll join us at CaptainCon, and that we can count on your help in making the fundraiser a success.

    Where do you come in?

    You can help. Every year we hold this fundraiser as an enormous raffle with prizes provided by Lost Hemisphere, our sponsors at Dragon Forge, KR Multicase and Broken Egg Games, and also thanks to the donations from our patrons at Privateer Press, and other awesome companies such as Soda Pop Miniatures, Arena Rex, Tectonic Craft Studios, Games and Gears, and more.

    We also turn to you, our readers, and ask if you have something you’d like to donate. Last Templecon we had several fully painted armies donated by the community, and thanks to you we managed to raise over $5000 for the Hope Alzheimer’s Center. Yes, we’re CaptainCon this year, but I’m hoping we can pool together to have an awesome prize table.

    So you can do one of two things (or, preferably, both):

    1. Email me at gdaybloke@losthemisphere.com and tell me how pretty I am… also, let me know if you or your gaming community can help us out with the prize table. New In Box or fully painted models only please. This is *not* restricted to Warmachine/Hordes, though of course we do love our lizard overlords at Privateer Press. If you think you can help us raise funds for a worthy cause, get in touch.
    2. Actually attend CaptainCon, and bring your generous heart with you. We want an awesome prize table, yes, but we also need people there to buy raffle tickets. This is an opportunity for you to directly benefit women in need, and with any luck to walk away from the prize table with something particularly shiny at the same time.

    I look forward to hearing from  you, and to seeing as many of you as possible at CaptainCon. What’s that? The Lost Hemisphere pins are being recast in new colours and will be available for the first time at CaptainCon? Well, then, I guess we’ll have to see if we can’t use them to help too…

  • Templecon Fundraiser prize pool just got a lot bigger.

    For several years now, at Templecon, the Lost Hemisphere team – ably supported by the New England Privateers – have conducted a charity fundraiser. It started with victims of horrific flooding in Australia, which was obviously near and dear to my own heart. The next year, we raised funds for the Hope Alzheimers’ Center, which cares not only for those afflicted by the crippling dementia, but also for the families of patients, providing a support network that goes above and beyond. Next, if was Children’s mental illness, and last year we raised funds to benefit research in prostate and other colorectal cancers. This year we’re returning to Hope, with added poignancy given that I personally have lost two family matriarchs in the last twelve months, and other Losties are even now doing their best to care for family members locked in the grips of Alzheimers’ disease.

    Last year we opened things up to the community to create a raffle prize table, with all sorts of painted and NIB models donated by our readers and listeners, as well as donations from Privateer Press, KR Multicase, Dragon Forge Design, Broken Egg Games, and the Temple. The generosity of our prize-providers helped spark the same flame in Templecon attendees who opened their wallets and helped us raise several thousand dollars for the Jimmy Fund. It was a huge success, and we’re repeating the formula this year. Contributions big and small have been trickling in, and an amazing prize pool has already developed..

    What I didn’t expect was to come home today and find this.

    I looked at the name of the sender – Mr David Not-That-One Cameron – and thought “That doesn’t make any sense…”. Opening the package took some carving – there’s a LOT of bubble wrap on there – and there was a letter addressed to me within that essentially started with “Well, I *was* just going to paint up a battlebox, but things kind of got away from me…”

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  • Templecon 2015 Charity Announcement


    Ladies and Gentlelost, it’s time to share with you our plans for Templecon 2015. As our loyal readers will know, Templecon is our home convention and the Losties migrate en masse every February to take part in the biggest li’l Warmachine convention there is. Every year we also select a charity and hold a fundraising raffle, giving gamers a chance to give back to the world at large, and prove that we’re so much more than just a bunch of folks in black t-shirts and the occasional utilikilt.

    2015 is Templecon’s 10th anniversary, blending elements of previous years to make for a chronological crossroads, a temporal t-intersection, a… okay, my alliterative skills only go so far. With the marking of Templecon’s milestone, it occurred that it might be a good time to look back at the roots of our own relationship with Rhode Island’s most awesome gamer event.

    Accordingly, Templecon 2015 will see Lost Hemisphere’s fundraiser benefit and honour those suffering from or affected by Alzheimer’s Disease. We will once again be working with the Hope Alzheimer’s Center of Cranston, RI, as well as submitting a portion of the funds raised to be directly applied to research into prevention and one day, a cure.


    The Hope Alzheimer’s Center provides support and respite for those suffering from Alzheimer’s, and for their families and carers. It’s often easy to focus directly on the Alzheimer’s sufferer and forget how much of a struggle it can be for their loved ones. This year the Titans – Lost Hemisphere’s core support team – have been heavily impacted by Alzheimer’s Disease, including the loss of loved ones and one Titan struggling daily with an elderly family member’s fading memory. In Peggy’s name, in Jean’s name, in Laurel’s name – we’re looking to do some solid fundraising this time around.

    “What can I do?”

    Turn up at Templecon and bring raffle money. We’ll be selling tickets on our usual model – $2 apiece, 3 tickets for $5, $20 for an arm’s length – and as with last year’s highly successful fundraiser, we’ll have a table chock full of niftiness for you to choose your prizes from.

    “Wait, weren’t  you accepting contributions last year?”

    Yup, and we’re doing it again. If you have something you’d like to donate to the prize table to help make this a success, we’d be honoured and delighted to have you share in this with us. There’s a couple of criteria though. If you’re making a donation to the prize table it should be either:
    (a) new product in its original packaging, or
    (b) completed models that we can display.

    This event is not exclusively for Warmachine/Hordes. Models from other game lines are welcome, as are board games, terrain, hobby tools and the like. If you’d like to contribute,  please drop an email through to submissions@losthemisphere.com with Templecon Donation in the subject line.

    “So what sort of prizes can we expect?”

    Well, much of that depends on what people submit. This is an opportunity for some small businesses to get their name out there – we will be publishing the names of donors unless they wish to remain anonymous – for their products or painting services. Lost Hemisphere will be donating a number of prizes saved from Review product received throughout the year, our sponsors traditionally have something nifty on the table (that’d be Dragon Forge Design, Broken Egg Games and KR Multicase), and every year Privateer Press has stepped up in a big way and provided an entire army to give away. I also have it on good authority that an entire army of Blighted Nyss is making its way over from Australia to be added to the prize table. Last year we also saw donations from local game stores, both new-in-box and professionally painted Colossals, and a custom unreleased terrain piece.

    Given that we were still receiving donations two days into last year’s convention, the exact contents of the Templecon 2015 prize table won’t be known until, well, Templecon 2015.

    We hope you’ll consider pitching in to be a part of our annual fundraiser, perhaps as a donor or, if you’re attending Templecon 2015, as a participant. Someone has to buy all of those arm’s lengths worth of tickets, and you never know what you’ll end up going home with. Please take the time to check out the Hope Alzheimer’s Center’s website, and maybe, next family gathering, have a little extra love for the older members of your clan.

    See you in Rhode Island.

  • Rawrmachine’s declaration of intent

    During my recent trip to Australia I reconnected with pal Tim (and got to meet Erinn too!). When I last saw Tim he was, well, much more vertically challenged than he is now.

    I’m chuffed to report that Tim and Erinn will be crossing the big blue pond and joining the Losties at Templecon 2015… but that’s not all. Check out Tim’s latest post on RAWRMACHINE! for a taste of things to come.

    I’ll just tease you with this piccie, you can go to Rawrmachine to find out what it’s all about.


  • Templecon 2014 Charity Fundraiser

    IKRPGGday80Every year at Templecon we, the Losties, hit up the gamer community for contributions to charity. This year we broke our usual format and also asked for contributions to the prize table, and dang if it wasn’t a roaring success, raising over $4245 for the Dana Farber Institute, benefiting colon cancer research. This is a cause near and dear to a number of us, so it was both humbling and awesome that the fundraiser was such as success. This year we tag-teamed with the New England Privateers to make it all happen, so tip o’ the ole’ hat to them too.

    Thanks to Lost pal Kyle “RedPhantasm” Hagan, we have pics of the winners! If you’re a winner and your pic came out flattering, you own him a beer. If not, sock him one in the arm. 😛 Note that a couple of people did scarper before we could get pics with them, and a couple of the prizes were late additions and so unfortunately I don’t have a card identifying the painter/donor and/or winner.

    The prize table as it looked shortly before the mob descended

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  • Templecon 2014 Charity Fundraiser Prize Pool

    IKRPGGday80As everyone should by now be well aware, Lost Hemisphere is hosting its annual fundraiser at Templecon 2014. This year all funds raised will benefit colon and prostate cancer research- we’re working to save our keisters here.

    In previous years we’ve had large singular prizes and silent auctions, but inspired by my experiences at Warmachine Weekend in 2012, this year we’ve assembled an impressive pool of prizes. As people’s names are drawn (9PM Saturday!), they’ll be allowed to approach the prize table and claim whatever they wish from the pool.

    The pool is, frankly, kinda nuts. There’s still some pieces not yet in hand since they’re being delivered at Templecon itself, but here’s the confirmed pool thus far:

    Lot Donor
    1 35pt Thagrosh, Prophet of Everblight, New Blood theme force Privateer Press
    2 Kaiser2 case w/ 2 card cases and accessory case KR Multicase
    3 Card case w/ Star Wars foam KR Multicase
    4 Card case w/ Imperial Guard foam KR Multicase
    5 Card case w/ Troops foam KR Multicase
    6 Mekanika base super set Dragon Forge
    7 Acrylic Template Set Advanced Deployment
    8 Tournament tray and tokens Broken Egg Games
    10 Terrain Centrepiece Tectonic Craft Studios
    11 Brushes and Stand Games & Gears
    12 Three (3) seats at Mike Pondsmith’s Cyperpunk RPG session Mike Pondsmith
    13 Three (3) seats at Mike Pondsmith’s Cyperpunk RPG session Mike Pondsmith
    14 Juggernaut & Berserker Artisan’s Edge
    15 Repenter Artisan’s Edge
    16 Extreme Ravagore ElvenAndy
    17 Earthbreaker Colossal FallenStudios & Faultie
    18 Juggernaut & Destroyer Kev Bryant
    19 Wrong Eye & Snapjaw LazyPeon & Defiant Games
    20 Alexia, Mistress of the Witchfire Steam Powered Painting
    21 Earthborn Dire Troll Superlegend Studios
    22 The Butcher of Khardov Superlegend Studios
    23 Journeyman Warcaster Superlegend Studios
    24 Gobber Tinker Tadgo
    25 Raluk Moorclaw & Rover WileyKy
    26 Alexia Ciannor and the Risen Yaum la Machine
    27 Mountain King (NIB) Not_That_One
    28 Black 13th (NIB) Not_That_One
    29 Ghordson Earthbreaker (NIB) Lost Hemisphere
    30 Steelhead Halberdiers (NIB) Lost Hemisphere

    I want to take a moment to shine a particular spotlight on items 12 and 13, the seats with Mike Pondsmith.

    This is a very special opportunity for you and your friends to sit down and experience the roleplaying in a cyberpunk setting, the session run by one of the founders of the genre as it relates to gaming. The raffle prizes will be distributed Saturday night, the RPG session to take place Sunday afternoon from 2Pm to 6PM. After sitting in on one of the seven panels/seminars he’ll be on, what a heck of a way to close out your convention experience…

  • Templecon Charity Update: Modelage!

    IKRPGGday80As we approach Templecon (only a few weeks away!!) I find myself getting more and more excited about this year’s Lost Hemisphere Charity Raffle. Yes, we have an entire theme force, new in box, thanks to Privateer Press. Yes, there’ll be a set of Dragon Forge bases. Yes, trays from Broken Egg, even a particularly funky not-yet-released terrain centrepiece from Tectonic Craft Studios, and heck, there’ll be a new in box Earthbreaker in the pile, and USPS willing a painted Earthbreaker from Fallen Studios and Faultimus…

    I thought it might be fun to take a look at some of the models we’ve already got in hand, or that the painters have sworn on a pile of Liber Mechanika’s that are on the way and will be here in time. Click on the thumbnails to see in all their bigginess!

    wrongeeyebychrischapman All the way from Australia, painted by the talented Chris Chapman whom I remember from when he was but a wee tween in the mid 90’s, Wrong-Eye and Snapjaw, all ready to death-roll your opponent. Not your opponent’s models, your actual opponent. Bring a wet-nap.
    tinkerbycliffhughes From Cliff Hughes, a model that makes SO much more sense now that we have Raluk Moorclaw – the Gobber tinker can handle all those finicky repairs on your Hordes battle engines, and also on whichever warjack Raluk’s bringing with him. Moorclaw has better things to do with his time…
    repenterbypat 1 of 3 from Pat Gordon over at Artisan’s Edge, we have an absolutely stunning Repenter. I’m sure this is no reflection on his needing to repent for not playing enough Protectorate…
    juggernautbypat 2 of 3 From Pat Gordon over at Artisan’s Edge, it’s the Juggernaut, *bleep*. With a winter wonderland base, you could say he’s here to take you for a ‘slay’ ride… because apparently I can’t resist a terrible pun, even in the name of charity.
    berserkerbypat 3 of 3 from Pat Gordon over at Artisan’s Edge, the Berserker may be “dashing through the snow”, but I’m pretty sure if there’s a “Silent Night” at the end of this, it’s only because its boiler went critical. Yay, more Christmas puns!
    extremeravagorebyelvenandy ElvenAndy, you’d think, would be all about Ios, but apparently he’s leaning more towards Nyss and their blighted monstrosities. Every Legion player needs an Extreme Ravagore, right?

    Also, apparently it hates centering itself in the thumbnail. Damn Legion, always so contrary…

    alexia2bydrifter Many moons ago, this very Alexia, Mistress of the Witchfire, model was sent to Australia as a prize won by Nathan Pullen of Steam Powered Painting. Now he’s painted it all up and it’s on its way back to join the prize table at Templecon. It’s cute how things work out sometimes.
    alexia1byyaum Finally, it’s Alexia Ciannor and the Risen – all painted by the ridiculously edible Guillaume Juneau from Yaum La Machine. So pretty… so damn pretty… Or however you say that in French

    These models – and a whole bunch more stuff – will be won by people at Templecon. You could be one of them. WHEEEEE!!!!!