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  • MonPoc: Gallamaxus and Megaton Mashup

    Let’s get ready to rumble! Megaton Mashup is hitting shelves and it’s time to tag team with your favorite rival to take down the newest threats in town… or the oldest. Sure, that sound’s cryptic, but it’s easily explained. Megaton Mashup introduces cooperative play to Monsterpocalypse along with the first representative of the new Necroscourge faction, Gallaamaxus – but don’t think it stops there. Megaton introduces rules for using -any- Monsterpocalypse monster as an opponent for your team-up!

    Monsterpocalypse has, until now, been all about putting monsters and units on table and squaring off against your pals as your competing monsters work to either save or destroy the cityscape. It’s a ridiculous amount of fun as your Subterrans and Lords of Cthul try to subjugate the souls of of the city while your opponent’s GUARD mecha and Terrasaurs fight to save humanity and the world, but when a bigger threat comes to town, well, there’ll be no humans for Hammerklak to enslave if the Ares Mothership disintegrates the entire city. Defender X and Hammerklak may have to stop fighting each other and join forces to take on the new invader. They can get back to fighting each other once the Martian Menace has been dealt with.

    This is pretty much the premise of Megaton Mashup. Both players join forces and coordinate attacks, regardless of agendas, to deal with a bigger threat. Megaton Mashup introduces a deck of villain cards which directs the movement and attacks of the new threat, whichever monster you choose it to be. I can’t stress that enough. While the box does come with Gallamaxus, literally any monster in your collection can be used as the target of the players’ combined efforts.

    The box comes with a single, double-sided rule sheet, the Megaton Mashup villain deck, a small card with to track extra health for your villain, and the card and model for Gallamaxus.

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