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  • MCP: Judge, Jury, Executioner – Ronan

    It’s not easy being a comic hipster. Sure, I loved Spider-Man and the X-Men and all that jazz, but I found a bizarre measure of joy in cruising Artist Alley at comic convention and collecting sketches of lesser known characters. Beta Ray Bill and Stilt-Man were the top of my list, but I had a battery of alternatives, including Black Bolt and Ronan the Accuser. Then Jae Lee wrote the astounding Inhumans arc, and the royal family of Attilan gained prominence with the Illuminati and the War of Kings. Then the Annihilation Wave shone the spotlight on Ronan the Accuser, he married into the Inhuman royal family, and of course, he was the bad guy in the immensely popular Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

    Long story short. Ronan the Accuser went from being an occasional Avengers/Fantastic Four villain to suddenly having a much more fleshed out backstory beyond “He’s like, an arrogant alien Judge Dredd without the charm”. Heck, I even saw a cosplayer at GenCon (as the MCU version). Still, when it all leads to my favorite Agent-of-the-Supreme-Intelligence turned Outcast-Pariah turned Ruler-of-the-Kree-Empire making his way onto the tabletop, I’m not going to complain too loudly ūüėČ

    Ronan swings in heavy at 4 Threat. Hardly surprising with his being one of the select few that can wield the Power Gem. His basic melee Strike deals out a healthy 5 damage dice, and will also Throwanyone of size 4 or less. Our boy has oomph. He has a free ranged attack with Universal Weapon, which adds insult to injury with a Push and the Shock condition.

    If he feels like firing off something special, Kree Justice is shorter range but causes both Stun and Stagger effects, as well as potentially damaging other nearby enemy models if the dice are in your favor.

    Judgement is a reactive power, and lets any enemies who dare damage Ronan or one of his pals that they have been found wanting. While the¬†Judgementcondition is on a model, that model cannot gain power when damaged by enemy attacks. This can dramatically hamper your opponent’s ability to respond to your assault.

    The Accuser is also reactive, and more than a little spiteful, allowing you to get the last word in before Ronan is KO’d or Dazed. Whoever dares deal sufficient damage to bring the Accuser low will find themselves the recipient of a retributive attack before Ronan goes down.

    One of the heavier hitters on the Guardians roster (Gamora being the other Threat 4 and Angela being Threat 5), Ronan is also the only Guardian other than Groot over Size 2, protecting him from a number of opposing movement effects (pushes, throws). Even if I wasn’t a big fan of the character himself, his potential for board control shenanigans combined with his size and damage output make him one of my first choices for a Guardians roster. Then we can consider adding the Power Gem, just for giggles.

    Ronan the Accuser is available in a two-pack with Drax the Destroyer (because it really doesn’t count unless your name is followed by “the Something”) from your FLGS and preferred online retailer. Between the two of them you’ll also have more opportunity to use more green paint in one painting project than you have since you painted The Hulk.

  • MCP: One Track Mind – Drax

    Imagine waking to find that your mental capacity had been reduced to being borderline imbecilic, but you’d been made virtually invulnerable, immensely strong, and given one purpose: To kill the mad titan, Thanos. Then, imagine at a time with an army of insectoids from the Negative Zone were making their way across the cosmos devouring entire galactic empires in their wake, you undergo a metamorphosis. Much of your strength, size and invulnerability is gone, but you’ve regained a focused intellect and¬† a pair of knives, along with a human tween female named Cammi.

    That’s pretty much what happened to Drax the Destroyer. Genetically manipulated to be a titan-slayer, he lost all of his memories of his time as a human (yes, sorry MCU fans, per the comics Drax was once a human being, and father of the Avenger Moondragon to boot). During the Annihilation event (an excellent read) Drax was reborn, given his own limited series, and became the surly combatant we know today. Gone is the purple spandex and cape, welcome sensible pants and things to stab with.

    Building Drax was very straightforward, painting him more of the same. His tattoos are minimized somewhat on the model, and clearly delineated and thus easy to trace. It’s always easier to paint green skin than trying to match a standard humanoid skin tone too.

    Drax is about 120% a melee fighter. You want guns? Pick up Rocket or Quill. His Blades roll a respectable 5 damage, and inflict Bleedon the target. If the target already has Bleed, he gets to reroll two of those attack dice, significantly upping your chances of a palpable slice. His second attack is the very affordable Headbutt, which rolls less damage but can both Stun and push an opponent away. His third Рmaking him one of the very few characters with more than two basic attacks Рonly rolls 3 dice as a base, but rolls an extra dice for every damage token on Drax, and can throw opponents as large as the Hulk.

    In case you weren’t done throwing things around,¬†The Destroyer lets you redirect urge to send opponents skyward, into lobbing dumpsters at people. I’m sure the sanitation department will be grateful for your efforts.

    Drax has a solid 12 health total, and I Can Take It makes him even more resilient by reducing the damage he takes from any enemy effect.

    His last ability,¬†Driven By Vengeance, showcases was a vengeful, spiteful sod Drax can be. When he’s damaged by an opponent, he can mark the attacker with a vengeance token. When he attacks a marked opponent, he rolls 3 additional dice. Now, imagine Bullseye has thrown a buckets of nails at Drax and done 5 damage (because, you know, Bullseye). Drax marks him, and comes swinging in with¬†Titan Killer. 3 base dice, 5 additional for the damage on Drax, and then 3 more for the vengeance token, and while you’re at it throw Bullseye into the side of a building. You’re going to need to borrow some dice from your opponent…

    Drax the Destroyer contends with Gamora and Nebula in a competition to see who’s the stabbiest member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, and he comes in a two-pack with Ronan the Accuser. Hunt them down at your FLGS or preferred online retailer.


  • MCP: Gamora – The Deadliest Woman in the Universe

    We’re on a bit of a Marvel Crisis Protocol tear right now, and Gamora’s next up. When I think of the Universe’s most dangerous beings, I confess that a green-skinned, sword-wielding alien wouldn’t have been my initial thought when we’ve got Death Stars and the Borg and the like, but when it comes to daughters of the mad titan who’ve been raised as superlative combatants and assassins, only one can hold the title.

    Gamora has been a member of the Infinity Watch, long time guardians of the Infinity Gems, and in more recent years has carved her way into the limelight as a core member of Peter Quill’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

    Swinging in at Threat 4, Gamora is fast and lethal. Her basic attack is¬†God Slayer, rolling 6 dice and inflicting¬†Bleed. That in itself isn’t bad at all, but when you stack it with¬†Deadliest Woman In The Galaxy ability means every Wild you roll lets you convert a dice that otherwise missed into a hit. This significantly ups the hit averages on God Slayer and her even deadlier¬†Cosmic Assassin.

    Cosmic Assassin isn’t cheap – costs 4 -but it has a longer range than¬†God Slayer, strips a defensive success away from your target, and grants you a free second attack at another target within 2 of the original target. Note that this means you can make your fist swing at a target 3 away from Gamora, and then the second at a target 2 further beyond them, making it one of the longest threat range attacks in the game.

    Her melee attacks are supported by¬†Assassin Leap for bonus distance as the throws herself S distance ignoring any collision damage, and¬†Martial Prowesslets her roll 5 dice in defense against any attack launched from a nearby source rather than her natural 3. Odds are you’re going to reduce any incoming damage, but if you manage to negate it entirely, the attacker takes 2 damage themselves. On offense or defense, Gamora is stabby.

    Living up to her title, Gamora is something of a cruise missile. She can run L, Assassin Leap¬†S,¬†Cosmic Assassina target at 3 range, triggering the second rapid strike attack at a target 2 further, tolling 6 dice for each of the attacks with Wild results letting you switch misses to additional hits. While she may not be inclined to succumb to pelvic sorcery, she’s certainly equipped to conduct emergency surgery as long as you’re willing to consider disembowelment as a successful result.

    One of the heaviest hitters on the Guardians roster (at least until I get my hands on Angela), Gamora is the precision scalpel to balance out the hand grenade that is Ronan. Packed with her sister Nebula, you can find Gamora at your FLGS or preferred online retailer.

  • MCP: Unboxing Gamora & Nebula

    I’ve decided to dub these two the Sisters Of Absolutely No Mercy Whatsoever. I have mixed feelings on the two characters based on their comic history, admittedly based in part on my limited exposure to them. I don’t know that I’ve read more than a few comics with Nebula in them, and my exposure to Gamora in large part stems from her time with Adam Warlock’s Infinity Watch in the 90’s, when her prime function was standing around in a swimsuit with large mesh segments and wearing a cape.

    The reinvention of Gamora into a character more befitting her sobriquet as the deadliest woman in the galaxy occurred later, and the concept became the cornerstone of her portrayal in the MCU. While Peter Quill does give her a tough time when they first meet, there’s no questioning that she’s come a long way from the shallow portrayals of her early comic history. There’s a reason her two attacks in Crisis Protocol are¬†God Slayerand¬†Cosmic Assassin.

    Nebula largely flew under my radar as a cosmic bad guy in the Marvel universe, until Karen Gillan’s reveal that at a comicon panel that she’d shaved her head for the role. So yes, I freely admit that my fondness of Nebula is almost entirely based on my being a fan of Karen Gillan from her time as Amy Pond in Doctor Who. I regret nothing.

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  • Toronto Comicon 2015

    comiconlogoThere’s more than a handful of comic conventions in the Toronto area, but the largest on the calendar is FanExpo in the Summer. This isn’t it, but it’s put on by the same people, so… ūüėČ It’s basically a smaller scale Fan Expo. Still has some neat geek celebrities, but for my purposes, it’s perfect. Plenty of cosplayers and vendors, plenty of artists looking to sell their art skills and oh-so-keen to add to my Beta Ray Bill sketchbook… On Saturday I took Gdaygirl and her friend to ¬†Toronto Comicon, ¬†where they cosplayed for the very first time. They insisted that they needed to wander around without parental supervision, so I was – for a few hours – unsurpervized myself as I wandered the convention floor…

    This is where it all began. Doctors 10 and 11. They had to borrow my sonic screwdrivers, but in the interests of making it an awesome day for them I was… willing… to let them wander with my precious, precious Whovian gadgets.

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  • FanExpo Canada Photodump2: The Cosplayers

    FanExpo part the Second! This time we’ve got a Cosplay photodump. For those who missed yesterday’s post, a reminder: This was the Gdaykid’s very first FanExpo and the expedition was more about them getting their inner geek’s on than covering the convention for bloggeration, so they appear in a whole bunch of the pics.

    Deal with it. I’m a geek dad and proud of my geeklings.


    Our first coplay photo was of this other fine geek dad and  his little sidekick, and points to one of the highlights of FanExpo this year. I saw more little kids in costume this year than I have in any previous, and it just warmed my heart seeing all these youngsters proudly engaging in cosplay adventures. I salute you, cosplaying geek dad.

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