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  • Riot Quest: On the wagon – Gudrun the Wasted

    I’ll start today with a confession: Gudrun has always been one of my favorite characters that I pretty much never used in Warmachine and Hordes. When Gudrun the Wanderer was released I was playing the Searforge Commission, so I was snaffling up any rhulfolk and ogrun models I could find, and for reasons I can’t explain beyond pure whimsy, I painted Gudrun blue.

    He was my Ogrun Smurf, and … shortly thereafter I succumbed to the siren call of the Harbinger of Menoth, started playing Protectorate, and never looked back. Eventually the Searforge models found a new home, and Gudrun no longer had a home on my shelves.

    This brings us to Gudrun the Wasted, something of a misleading name. Gudrun was a drunkard, so much so that he actually missed out on the entire Infernal invasion while blackout drunk. When he sobered, the world had dramatically changed and he had no idea what was going on, and promptly swore off the demon drink entirely.

    Now a teetotaller, Gudrun joins Riot Quest as a Scout hero, a whirlwind of destruction with his Mekamaul, his Berserker ability meaning he gets to roll against every adjacent model, friend or foe.

    Don’t be mislead into thinking the Mekanical Discharge is to be dismissed; while it rolls no red dice, it does pair nicely with Spotter, the common Scout ability, to ensure that targets have weakened defenses against it.

    Gudrun is not a complicated model to use, as befits the ogrun himself. An Avalanche of Insults draws in opposing models, and he promptly beats the snot out of them.

    In Warmachine & Hordes, Gudrun won’t play for the Protectorate, but he’ll play for all 7 of the other core factions.

    Advance deploy, Pathfinder and Tough will help you get Gudrun where you want him him to be, though you’ll still need to be mindful of incoming ranged attacks – DEF13 only goes so far, and the last thing your opponent wants to do is let Gudrun get into melee so he can start swinging that Mekamaul.

    Gudrun straddles in interesting fence. He wants to get into melee ot start collecting energy tokens with Force Battery, potentially earning two per turn thank to Cleave, without taking hits. ARM 16 is healthy for someone that isn’t a warjack, but those 8 wounds will still whittle away under concentrated fire.

    That said, he’s DEF 15 against ranged attacks thanks to Kinetic Distortion (as are nearby pals), and every hit he -does- take generates a power token. Assuming he survives the incoming barrage, he can then tap into the Mekamaul’s drink dispenser (who knew!) for an Energy Drink, healing d3 damage.

    I think my favorite aspect of Gudrun the Wasted is that he’s reminiscent of my favorite Retribution warjack, the Hydra. Every token pumps up the range and damage on the Mekanical Discharge ranged attack up to a max RNG13 POW13. Even if Gudrun can’t spend tokens to boost attack or damage rolls like the Hydra can, there’s a little bit of the flavor there, and the tokens increasing the range of the Kinetic Distortion is nice little buff as well.

    Gudrun the Wasted is available through your FLGS or preferred online retailer. While he may no longer be partaking of alcohol, I’m fairly certain the power flowing through that Mekamaul is somewhat intoxicating…

    Gudrun the Wasted