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  • SDE: Hecate Vilehorn

    It’s been awhile since I’ve painted up a chibi model – the last was the gnome Kringle prior to the Christmas season – but the other day I was just struck with the urge to work on Hecate Vilehorn, the chibi centaur necromancer, who’s been sitting primed and partially basecoated in a draw for a couple of years now. I have no idea when I’ll next play Super Dungeon Explore, and it’s certainly not a model I can repurpose for D&D any time soon, but let’s face it, the concept just freaking sings.

    I’ve always been a fan of centaurs as a fantasy species, right back to the early days of text-based open concept RPGs in the early 90’s  (and to Piers Anthony’s Xanth series back when I was devouring every fantasy series I could find at the library in the 80’s), so Hecate was on my radar the moment she was announced. for SDE models I’m normally more focused on the heroes, but her being a centaur trumped that. Add a suit of bone barding and armor and I was sold.

    Hecate is only a mini-boss, so she can’t run a whole dungeon by herself in either Classic or Arcade mode unless you’re playing with an undersize team of heroes, but she’s still set to cause the heroes some grief. Speed 8 alone means she’s going to be running through the corridors all willy-nilly (willy-filly?). Her Classic stats are solid across the board – 2R1B  with a 2 square range, 2R armour, freaking 3R magic at 6 range. Dex is her only low point. Red affinity, Hex on all of her attacks, gets more dangerous when she has minions ganging up on a hero thanks to Mob, and ignores difficult terrain.

    For two actions her Trample melee attack hits ever model in an adjacent square and knocks them down, but remember, she’s a necromancer. One action to raise any bone piles into Bone Heads, Dread Knights and Dust Mages.

    Her Soul Shard ability is the tricksy one. It lets her place a token on a hero within 3 squares and, if the hero and killed and Hecate isn’t on the board, she is resummoned back to wreak more havoc. Now imagine this happening in the middle of the boss fight…

    In Arcade mode Hecate essentially plays the same way. She’s just as dangerous, still hexing, still trampling, still returning Bone Heads to the board, still infecting a hero with her soul shard. From a Dark Consul point of view, she’s equally delightful in both game modes.\

    Painting Hecate was a lot of fun. Washes and drybrushing gave my nice fluffy magic cloud trails for her skills, while the armor itself leaned very nicely into the way I like to paint clean panels. It was long and tedious, but I’m happy with the end result. The eyes were a challenge, as chibi eyes often are, given how easy it is to make them look skewed. It didn’t help that her forward-reaching right claw is lined up in front of her right eye, interfering a little with brush access. Hecate was almost exclusively painted with P3 paints, with a Games & Gears Master Series 00/0 brush doing most of the work, and is mounted on a Dragon Forge Design Ancient Ruins II series base.

    Hecate is a Super Dungeon Explore mini-boss available from Ninja Division via their webstore. Whether you can find room for her on the tabletop or are just looking for a fun painting diversion, if you pick her up, send pics. I wanna see!

  • Keep on truckin’

    It’s been a long week in the Gdaycave, from work volume exploding for the #RealJob to the kitchen undergoing renovations (among other things, fancy new faucet is fancy). It’s been tough to muster the energy to get a lot of painting time in, even with my #BrushWieldersUnion goals and other models for review. There’s half a dozen or so models at various stage of painting, my Untamed Beasts for Warcry plugging along, and I’m happily chugging through Riot Quest models, but at the end of the day it can still be a struggle finding motivation to pick up the brush.

    This is something of a double-edged sword for me. Painting models is, for me, something of a therapeutic process. It’s a creative outlet, and delivers a sense of completion, of accomplishment, when a model is done. It’s a stress management tool, because it requires focus that stops me dwelling on other stressors at the exact same time as it causes stress about colour schemes and painting tiny bloody eyeballs and the like.

    So there’s something to be said for doing nothing for an evening or so, but at the same time there’s a lot to be said for sitting down and getting brush time in, even it it’s just being that much closer to having something to show off in these hallowed blog halls.

    A deadline can be the motivator, such as an upcoming tournament or convention that you want to be fully painted for. Sadly, those aren’t really a thing right now. These are keen drivers for productivity, even if there’s no “fully painted” requirement, because it’s a chance to play with a fully painted, cohesive force, and that’s always a great feel. It enriches the game experience for both you and your opponents. It’s also a chance to showcase your efforts to your friends, get direct feedback and encouragement, get tips for the next project. These things can be done online, but there’s no substitute for being able to see models with your own eyes, or being able to converse face to face.

    Other times a single model can just capture your attention. You pick it up and damn son! you have to get paint on it. This can be a trap in itself as you lose all motivation to paint anything else while you focus on this new project. I say this, fully aware that I have two Plains Runners sitting at about 60% done, while Hecate Vilehorn has received all of my painting attention after sitting primed in a drawer for over a year. I can’t explain why a chibi centaur necromancer is suddenly the focus, but heck, it is.

    I will say that if you’re plodding through your 30th Space Marine, a change of pace can be as good as a holiday. Put the 3rd company Intercessor down, pick up a model that’s something completely different. Not just a different colour scheme, but a different style, a different concept, a different company perhaps. I’ve always found that painting chibi models, with their hyper exaggerated detail and enormous eyes that make you question your freehand abilities, to be a great palate cleanser when you’re stuck in a painting rut. It really doesn’t hurt that Ninja Division’s Master Class models have been hitting it out of the park lately. The Brinebreaker looks amazing.

    Consider something like the #Hobbystreak challenge, where you try to get at least 30 minutes of hobby time in each day, and see how many consecutive days you can streak to. Whatever it is that keeps you plodding with your painting projects, I encourage you to reach out and share, let me see what you’re working on. Let’s see if I can finish Hecate over the weekend…