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  • MCP: The Avenging Archer – Hawkeye

    My history with Hawkeye has been somewhat tumultuous. At one point he was the best thing ever. Next, he was so sucky it sucked. Next, loved him. Next, man, he irritated me on so many levels. Of course, such is potentially a concern with any fictional character, depending on who’s doing the writing.

    In the comics, Hawkeye has always been something of a cocky hothead, but he’s swiveled from being a leader, someone who can see the potential in someone and who wants to push you to be the best you can be, to being little more than an arrogant asshat who seems to be making it his mission in life to be th ebiggest jerk he can be. I’m looking at you, Force Works era Hawkeye.

    Despite starting his career as a villain (an evil carnie, nonetheless), Clint Barton has grown and evolved over the years, but I think my favorite iteration was from the Matt Fraction run from 2012-2015, which above all else humanized Hawkeye. There’s an arc in there where all he’s trying to do is help out the tenants in his building as a slumlord tries to evict them. Like, it’s a multiple issue story, and it’s just excellent reading. We get to see Clint as more than just a dink with a bow, and they do a wonderful job of portraying Clint’s hearing difficulties.

    I think this arc went a long way toward informing the character we got in the MCU, where Clint may strictly speaking be the most underpowered Avenger in the movies, but his humanity is also somehow part of what binds the team together.

    It’s worth bearing in mind that Hawkeye may lack super strength, flight, and all that jazz, but he’s more than just an exceptionally accurate bowman. He’s often been depicted in the comics training with Captain America himself, and is exceptionally fit, a world class gymnast/acrobat and hand-to-hand combatant.

    Given that he doesn’t have a lot of the powers that most of the other Avengers have, I’d posit there’s an argument to be made for Clint being one of top five most capable members on the Avengers roster, simply because he doesn’t have any abilities to rely on. He’s not invulnerable, so he has to know how to take a punch, how to dodge. He’s not super fast or strong, so he has to be an expert in an array of martial techniques just to be able to stand his own.

    On the tabletop, Clint comes in at Threat 3, and  has one the more sparse cards in the game, but htis is largely due to it being all about the bow.

    His basic attack is a range 5, 5 dice Arrow Shot. The usual free basic strike. It’s not a huge amount of power, -but- with Hawkeye switching out arrows from his quiver  you get to choose if it’s a physical or energy attack, tailoring your assault to your target’s weakess. On top of that, any Wild results let you incflict Bleeck, Shock, Slow or Poison on the target as well.

    For 2 power you can use Hawkeye’s Hook Shot, allowing you to reposition Clint anywhere within range 3 of his current location. To be extra tricky, move him behind a building and then use Trick Shot for 1 more power, to ignore LOS and any cover your opponent may be lurking behind. Note that Trick Shot isn’t an attack in itself, but rather it enhances the next basic Arrow Shot you take, so you still get to choos physical or energy, and potentially inflict a special condition on the target.

    Clint’s final ability is Fast Draw. If someone targets Clint from more than range 3 distance, he can spend two power to make an Arrow Shot as a reaction. Note that the trigger is being targeted, so if you have the power to feed the Fast Draw you can potentially mess up the attacker before they even get to roll the attack.

    While Clint and Natasha may remember Budapest very differently, there’s no saying you can’t put them through their paces together – especially since they come in a two-pack of models. Swing by  your preferred FLGS or online retailer and load your quiver.


  • MCP: One Track Mind – Drax

    Imagine waking to find that your mental capacity had been reduced to being borderline imbecilic, but you’d been made virtually invulnerable, immensely strong, and given one purpose: To kill the mad titan, Thanos. Then, imagine at a time with an army of insectoids from the Negative Zone were making their way across the cosmos devouring entire galactic empires in their wake, you undergo a metamorphosis. Much of your strength, size and invulnerability is gone, but you’ve regained a focused intellect and  a pair of knives, along with a human tween female named Cammi.

    That’s pretty much what happened to Drax the Destroyer. Genetically manipulated to be a titan-slayer, he lost all of his memories of his time as a human (yes, sorry MCU fans, per the comics Drax was once a human being, and father of the Avenger Moondragon to boot). During the Annihilation event (an excellent read) Drax was reborn, given his own limited series, and became the surly combatant we know today. Gone is the purple spandex and cape, welcome sensible pants and things to stab with.

    Building Drax was very straightforward, painting him more of the same. His tattoos are minimized somewhat on the model, and clearly delineated and thus easy to trace. It’s always easier to paint green skin than trying to match a standard humanoid skin tone too.

    Drax is about 120% a melee fighter. You want guns? Pick up Rocket or Quill. His Blades roll a respectable 5 damage, and inflict Bleedon the target. If the target already has Bleed, he gets to reroll two of those attack dice, significantly upping your chances of a palpable slice. His second attack is the very affordable Headbutt, which rolls less damage but can both Stun and push an opponent away. His third – making him one of the very few characters with more than two basic attacks – only rolls 3 dice as a base, but rolls an extra dice for every damage token on Drax, and can throw opponents as large as the Hulk.

    In case you weren’t done throwing things around, The Destroyer lets you redirect urge to send opponents skyward, into lobbing dumpsters at people. I’m sure the sanitation department will be grateful for your efforts.

    Drax has a solid 12 health total, and I Can Take It makes him even more resilient by reducing the damage he takes from any enemy effect.

    His last ability, Driven By Vengeance, showcases was a vengeful, spiteful sod Drax can be. When he’s damaged by an opponent, he can mark the attacker with a vengeance token. When he attacks a marked opponent, he rolls 3 additional dice. Now, imagine Bullseye has thrown a buckets of nails at Drax and done 5 damage (because, you know, Bullseye). Drax marks him, and comes swinging in with Titan Killer. 3 base dice, 5 additional for the damage on Drax, and then 3 more for the vengeance token, and while you’re at it throw Bullseye into the side of a building. You’re going to need to borrow some dice from your opponent…

    Drax the Destroyer contends with Gamora and Nebula in a competition to see who’s the stabbiest member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, and he comes in a two-pack with Ronan the Accuser. Hunt them down at your FLGS or preferred online retailer.


  • MCP: The Kingpin of Crime

    While he’s often referred to as the fat man by those who would oppose him, Wilson Fisk packs a prodigious amount of muscle beneath those crisp Armani shoulders. The Kingpin is not to be mistaken for his Californian counterpart, the Slug, and is not to be underestimated as a very personal, physical threat. While he may generally prefer to have his underlings do the dirty work for him, the Kingpin has personally delivered termination orders to those who’ve disappointed him.

    A mainstay of Marvel’s New York criminal underworld, Kingpin has long been Daredevil’s nemesis, but Spider-Man’s also found himself in the cross-hairs, as have many of New York’s street-level crimefighters. Black Cat and Elektra have both been on his payroll, and and he’s colluded with some of the most dangerous denizens of the global criminal underbelly in the furtherance of his own agenda. He also put a hit out on Aunt May at one point, resulting in Spider-Man delivering a very sound thrashing in a prison yard.

    For Crisis Protocol, Kingpin is the mastermind of the Criminal Syndicate, supported by his number one hitman – Bullseye – and an array of ne’er-do-wells ranging from Killmonger and MODOK to Green Goblin and Mysterio. A master of manipulation and certainly someone who knows how to get what he wants, his Illicit Networklets his agents move resources… and hostages… keeping them one step ahead of those meddling  heroes.

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  • MCP: Unboxing Punisher and Taskmaster

    The Punisher holds an interesting place in my personal comic history. On the one hand I’ve generally opted for the more fantastic or comically absurd characters, so “guy with a gun” has never been huge on my radar. On the other hand, the Netflix series was excellent, I’ve enjoyed a number of story arcs, he was the centerpiece of one of my favorite VS System decks, and he was responsible for the death of one of my very favourite D-listers, having shot a bazooka at the crotch of Wilbur Day, the fabulous Stilt-Man. The Punisher is positively mundane when compared to most of Marvel’s character stable, but his place in it is nevertheless cemented.

    Taskmaster, on the other hand, has spent much of his career featuring in my headcanon as the Skeletor of the Marvel Universe. A nefarious bad guy who can counter all your tricks while cackling behind a skull mask. More recent iterations have turned him into something more sinister than comical, but let’s face it, there’s something kind of glorious about the  melodromatic hooded cape, and I’m looking forward to seeing his portrayal in Black Widow whenever it finally releases.

    It’s time to do a little unboxing.

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  • MCP: Rocket & Groot

    Guess who found their way onto the painting table? It’s everyone’s favourite tree and small mammal with a gun, Groot and Rocket! Two of the most beloved characters in the MCU, Rocket and Groot were on the agenda for Atomic Mass Games from the get go, with their presence in the display cabinet at GenCon 2019 causing no small amount of excitement. It’s oddly fitting that I finally got them painted just before what would have been GenCon 2020. Who knows what I’ll get painted before GenCon 2021!

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  • MCP: Unboxing Rocket & Groot

    When we talk about some of the more endearing characters from modern cinema, the odd couple that is Rocket & Groot are high on pretty much every MCU fan’s list. On the one hand we have an enormous, sentient tree, perhaps something of a simpleton, with a pure heart, who’ll do anything to safeguard his friends. On the other, we have a diminutive, acerbic, bio-engineered heavy weapons expert who refuses to acknowledge just how much he cares, unless you’re asking how much he likes high explosives. Their Marvel: Crisis Protocol models have been available for awhile, but they deserve their place in the spotlight as much as anyone else, so today we’re doing a little unboxing.

    I’ll confess, I didn’t know a whole lot about Rocket and Groot until Marvel’s 2006 Annihilation event, when they brought Star-Lord back to lead a team of specialists, almost suicide-squad-esque, as the powers that be tried to fight back against the Annihilation Wave that was tearing its way across the galaxy. Rocket and Groot were recruited as a duo once Rocket’s affinity for heavy weapons was uncovered, and Groot essentially served as the mobile weapon platform for which Rocket was the gunner. As with their MCU depiction, they were a highly effective team.

    Drax, Gamora and Ronan all had time in the spotlight during Annihilation and the subsequent Annihilation: Conquest, as did Mantis. I heartily recommend reading both series if you get the opportunity.

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  • Miggy’s Table: Pt6 – I love it when a plan comes together

    Hello friends and fellow Losties! I’m back with an exciting update of my modular tile adventure!

    So, I’ve got everything primed, base coated, and now washed. The next step is to dry brush and add some finishing touches! I initially thought that this should be fairly quick because that’s how dry brushing works. Boy was I wrong. I learned a few things from this last step.

    First: I need to go back to the gym. Too many weeks of skipping out on arm day really showed. Remember how I got tired from basecoating and washing? Yeah, times that by like 3000.

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