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  • Brawlmachine plans: Pal’ing around

    Being a part of the Brush Wielders Union means putting some thought into planning painting projects. Begone, pure whimsy! You have no place here! Given how Warmachine is so damn near and dear to my heart, and how the True Law guides the faithful to serve Menoth both in this world and the next, is it any surprise, like, to anyone at all, that when I said one of my goals was to paint a Brawlmachine list, that the Protectorate would by high on the list of potential factions? No. of course not. You know better.

    What *may* surprise some of you though, is that in my ponderings I put together a list with a grand total of NO Allegiants of the Order of the Fist. Not a kicky monk in sight. I did, however, build a list bearing in mind the Shield Sister alternate Paladin model that was released through Mini-Crate.

    • Anson Durst, Rock of the Faith
      • Indictor
      • Scourge of Heresy
    • Champion of the Order of the Wall
    • Paladin of the Order of the Wall
    • Initiates of the Order of the Wall
    • Choir of Menoth (4)

    Alright, who can guess the concept?

    This works out at a neat little 25 point level for Brawlmachine.


    1. Nice and thematic, a Paladin warcaster with some of his peeps, a couple of jacks and a support unit of choir
    2. It’s all models I already have in the basement at the gdaycave, awaiting paint in the new scheme
    3. The model count isn’t enormous, so it’s not as mentally daunting
    4. For such a low model count there’s a *lot* of wounds in the list.


    1. Very limited anti-infantry. No shooting to speak of and the only AoE’s are on Durst himself.
    2. Everything’s going to need to wade in – delivery in the face of a gunline will potentially be a pain.
    3. The list largely relies on higher ARM; I’m normally a high DEF player
    Long overdue for a new paintjob

    What’s Scourge of Heresy doing in there? Well, frankly, I just really like the model. He’s been a favorite of mine since release, punishing opposing lists for daring to use upkeep spells. Arcane Vortex can be a nasty surprise for spell-focused foes, negating their wizardry as long as there’s FOC to fuel it.  The Indictor’s Sacred Ward plays into this concept as well, your enemy not being able to target it with spells -and- if it can get within 6″, Consecration means they won’t be able to cast anything anyway. It’s rather rude on a model that’s lumbering across the battlefield at ARM 25 under Durst’s feat.

    The flipside to not having any AoE’s is that the bulk of the army is conversely immune to blast damage as long as the Champion is on the board. Durst, the Paladin and the Initiates will all gain Girded thanks to the Champion. Direct hits will still be a concern, but the Initiates can use Shield Guard to redirect fire and cover the advance of the heavier hitters.

    The one thing I will say here is that a big motivator for this little mental listmaking is that for me, Warmachine has always been about putting models on the table that look cool. I don’t care if model X is the most OP borked crazy bananas piece of whatever Privateer’s every released – if the model doesn’t make me squee a little, then sure, it’s a consideration, but it’s not a priority. The fact that Anson Durst, in all his roly-poly tubby armored glory, just happens to be a MAT8 P+S14 Weapon Master is just gravy.

    Will this be the final form of the 2021 BWU Brawlmachine painting goal? We’ll see. I’m not quite ready to start this project just yet (I’m partway into another BWU project and have some other models that need painting first) but it’s good to have a launching point for further consideration.

    Now, what if I went Vindictus and Holy Zealots…

  • Hand Of Silence

    Hi Ho, Silver -Awaaaaaay! Who’s riding through the desert to uplift the faithful and purge the heretics? Hand of Silence! Who’s thundering hooves resonate with the pure and strike terror into the hearts of Cygnaran scum? Hand of Silence! Why, no, I’m not biased against Morrowans at all, I don’t know what you’re talking about. I *do* know that Hand of Silence is out know and while I’ve still got some touch-ups to do, he’s close enough to being done that my painting table can stop holding its breath, and now I can share him with you. Behold his magnificence.

    Five resin pieces and two metal! Incredibly simple assembly! A horse in a gas mask! It’s Hand of Silence!

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  • Shrine of the Lawgiver

    Warmachine and Hordes, as a game, has constantly evolved over the years. At first there was Warmachine. Then Hordes. Then Cavalry. Then Battle Engines. Then Colossals and Gargantuans. Caster units. Heck, some warcasters have even bounced across factions. We’ve seen the Iron Kingdoms grow through conflict, with the main factions joined by smaller factions like the Cephalyx, Convergence, Cruicible Guard and… well, we have Infernals on the way but their name doesn’t start with C so I’m not sure it counts…

    One addition to the game that has somewhat caught my imagination, though, is structures. As much as the Vessel of Judgment looks like a structure that’s being towed along against its will, as much as Zevanna Agha’s Scrapjack Mk2 is a house with legs, the Trencher Blockhouse was the first actual, immobile, hey-it’s-a-building introduced to the tabletop. I mean, it’s Cygnaran, so clearly it’s housing filthy heretics, but let’s talk the second Black Anchor Heavy Industries structure release: The Shrine of the Lawgiver.

    Yeah, I preordered it. Yeah, I got the oven mitt. Hot stuff, comin’ through…

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