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  • Necromunda: The Monarchs reign

    Many moons ago there was an MMORPG called City of Heroes. I played it a lot. Once PvP was introduced, some of us set up a little fun PvP league, 5×5 matches. I wasn’t that good at it, because, well, it was a competitive thing and we all know I’m about as competitive as celery, but it was a lot of fun. My crew were the Kings Row Monarchs, and we were resplendent in burgundy and gold. Roll it forward to umpty years later, and it’s time to paint up a Cawdor gang for Necromunda. The new models have come a -huge- way since the models of the 1990’s, and while the aesthetic’s been twisted somewhat, the zealous rabble of Cawdor still appeal… and it amused me to think of the bottom feeders of Hive Primus styling themselves as kings of the refuse dumps. Hence, the Kings Row Monarchs ride again, after a fashion.

    After ogling some of the weapon parts available and hearing that the jury-rigged combination polearm/firearms were the business, a starting roster was assembled. This may well change once House of Faith comes out later this year and Cawdor gets the special treatment some of the other houses have already seen, but if the pandemic lets up and allows us to gather for gaming before the book is out, I’m ready for shenanigans…

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  • The Underhive calls…

    Maybe it’s the constant ads on my social media feed about the upcoming Necromunda video game, maybe it’s the impending release of the House Of Blades supplement and the Ogryn gang, but it’s no understatement that the Underhive is on my mind today. When the game first released back in the 90’s I was an ardent fan, ran campaigns for my locals, and had several gangs of my own, from the core six houses to the Ratskins, Spyrers, Redemptionists, and more. The relaunch of the game a few years back has seen a massive upgrade in the quality of models, new gangs like Palinite Subjugators and Enforcers, and chaos and genestealer cultists are in the mix as well. We’re still waiting for some of the classic “second wave” gangs to return, and I have a fully painted Orlock gang, but as I listen to the tapping of pipes and breath in the heady vapors the corpse-starch vats, I can hear the House Cawdor calling my name, drawing me back to my roots.

    Necromunda 2.0 took the core concepts of the six Houses and pushed them further to extremes. In the old edition, the only real difference between gangs was which skill sets were available to your squad as you leveled up. Now, each gang also has access to different tiers of weaponry, even available at different prices, to reflect access. For example, a beginning Orlock gang will pay 25 credits for a shotgun, while House Escher pays 30 for the same weapon. Each gang more closely represents their House’s role in the hive, such as the Goliaths – masters of the foundry – layering up with heavy melee weapons and armour, while Eschers have access to toxins, hallucinogens and other weaponized pharamaceuticals.

    House Cawdor remains true to its original flavor as a house driven by its devotion to the Imperial Cult and the Cult of Redemption. That I’m drawn to the gang populated by zealots with flamethrowers may come as no surprise to anyone familiar with my fondness for the Protectorate of Menoth, but there’s more to House Cawdor than just a desire to set the Underhive ablaze. The poorest of the six core houses, Cawdor’s adherents are drawn from the very dregs of the lower levels. The scavengers, the silt farmers, the most menial of laborers, all striving for something more in an uncaring hive that would as happily see them fill the corpse-starch vats as tend them.

    The end result is gangs of desperate individuals with some incredibly substandard weaponry fighting to carve a niche out not only for themselves, but also for others of their faith. See, as much as they’re loose gangs of filth-covered masked zealots, there’s a slightly altruistic side to them as well. I mean, aside from generally trying to elevate the level of general faithfulness to the emperor by getting rid of heretics.

    Next step for me was, of course, looking through Gangs of the Underhiveand putting together a 1000cr starting crew. My thought is, while Cawdor gangs are stuck working with jury-rigged equipment, what if one gang boss was a little luckier than most? What if he was a little more mechanically inclined than most, and had actually managed to get a rusted, busted hunk of gears and metal working again? Rather than leaning heavily on the traditional Cawdor methods – to wit, caving in heretical skulls and setting the corpse ablaze – he leans toward delivering judgement to heretics from the far side of the table?

    • Gang Leader w/ Long Rifle, Flail – 155cr
    • Champion w/ Heavy Stubber – 225cr
    • Ganger w/ Cawdor Polearm/Blunderbuss – 85cr
    • Ganger w/ Cawdor Polearm/Autogun – 65cr
    • Ganger w/ Cawdor Polearm/Autogun – 65cr
    • Ganger w/ Reclaimed Autogun – 55cr
    • Ganger w/ Reclaimed Autogun – 55cr
    • Juve w/ Recovered Autopistol, Maul – 35cr
    • Juve w/ Stub Gun, Flail – 45cr
    • Ambot – 215cr

    With the Metro-Morph terrain kits in the basement of the Gdaycave I am bound and determined to get a Necromunda campaign rolling at some point, and I’m confident that I can rope at least a few locals into such shenaniganry.

    This will be added to pile of “Things Gdaybloke plans to get to”, but even with the little bit of fluff concept behind this, I’m feeling rather good about it…

  • Necromunda: The Fancy Dans are ready to rumble

    Last CaptainCon – so February – I picked up Necromunda. Driven by nostalgia, I was chuffed to revisit one of the best games ever to come out of Games Workshop. Back in April I completed a test model, and the first few gangers. Real life happened and the project sat aside for awhile, but I’m pleased to report that Fancy Dans are finally ready to fight their way through the Underhive.

    The Fancy Dans are an Orlock gang, and have a love of autoguns. When not spending their cash on moustache wax, keeping their ammo drums loaded with bullets to keep those pesky Goliaths out of their territory is one of their favorite pastimes.

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