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  • Garryth, Eye of Vengeance

    What happens when Blessing of Vengeance and Eye of Truth combine their powers, forget they’re warjacks, renounce their allegiance to Menoth and suddenly become an elf? You get Garryth, Eye of Vengeance! Okay, so there’s actually no link whatsoever between two Protectorate character warjacks and the currently-in-CID second iteration of the Retribution of Scyrah’s most eligible bachelor, but our little sneaky death-to-the-round-ears murdernado has apparently changed gears and will now be delivering his own personal brand of vengeance from half a board away…

    Garryth has always been one of my favourite Iosan warcasters, if only because his motivation wasn’t muddied by political aspirations. Vyros? Rahn? Signed on to work with the Retribution to win power for themselves or their houses once they saw the kind of influence that could be garnered. Ossyan gets a slight pass because he joined with at least noble intentions, trying to drag House Vyre’s name out of the mud Ghyrrshyld had left it in… but Garryth’s devotion to the cause is legit, and he’s also one of the only elves – in pretty much any setting – that we’ve seen rocking a mean goatee.

    According to the sales blurb, Garryth did an end-run on Makeda during the Skorne invasion of Ios, and it didn’t come off as planned, forcing him to re-evaluate his tactics. Gone are the twin pistols, and replacing them is that gorgeous sniper rifle -Void Singer – that my girlfriend mistook for a leaf blower when she casually looked to see what I was writing about. I mean, yes, it would technically blow leaves, a few at a time and at the cost of a prodigious amount of ammunition, so she’s not entirely wrong…

    [NB: This theorymachining is based on the CID version of Garryth2 at the time of writing; the rules are not yet finalized]

    Garryth used to be a super-solo warcaster, who didn’t do a heck of a lot for his army, but rather used them as something of a delivery system to get him into the fray. Now?

    • His feat grants ranged weapons in a 12″ bubble Black Penny, allowing them to shoot targets in melee without penalty
    • His Field Marshal ability grants all of his warjacks Pathfinder
    • His spell list includes Curse of Shadows, allowing friendlies to move through enemy lines, and Mage Sight, to open up line of sight to otherwise hidden targets

    This is not so say he’s any less murdery himself, of course.

    • Void Singer – his rifle – has Black Penny, Grievous Wounds, and is Blessed. He can shoot into melee, ignores magical buffs to Armour and Defense, and Tough (and stops healing).
    • With Perfect Storm he gains Armor Piercing if he aims.

    So, just to math that out, he can stand still to aim, making him functionally RAT 9, and then has a boostable POW14 shot at 14″ range that the target gets defensive buffs against, and only half armor. Oh, and he can then use Run & Gunif he killed a target to move 7″ at the end of his activation.

    While Garryth maintains his high DEF stat and meh ARM, he has lost native Stealth, so that’ll be something to bear in mind against enemy shooters. He can still gain it for himself and his battlegroup through Shadow Packat the cost of 3 Focus, but that’s half of his total each turn. Decent for the first round or two, but once lines meet it’s not going to be so easy to afford it with other demands on the table.

    If you’re signed up for the CID, get some tabletop time in with Garryth, and be sure to send in your feedback. The entire point of the CIDs is community participation – can you break him? Is he too strong? Does he need shoring up somewhere? I really like the version I’m seeing, but it’s with your input and contribution that you – as a player – can help shape the final version of Garryth, and the future of the Retribution of Scyrah. The very future of Ios may well depend on you…

  • Monsterpocalypse: The Shadow Sun Syndicate

    With Gorghadra and his Planet Eaters streaming out of the skies to rain destruction on the Earth, can the forces of G.U.A.R.D. defend humanity alone? Fear not, pathetic mortal scum! Er…I mean, good citizens of Planet Earth! It’s enormous ninja time! The Shadow Sun Syndicate have unleashed their Zor and Shinobis and other pointy things to fight the creatures that threaten your very existence. This month we expand on the Monsterpocalypse universe with a new monster for the Protectors, and the first of the Shadow Sun units.

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  • Sponsor: Broken Egg At Templecon

    Gooood morning, popples. One of the counterpoints to working that hard 9-5 and having two amazing kids whom I love dearly but need regular parental interaction, is that I don’t get to travel to a lot of conventions. I’m hoping to change that, but it does mean that when I *do* get to go to a convention, it’s an extra-special thing as it’s where I can see friends that I otherwise only interact with online, and I can go shopping with a Convention budget, meaning the money’s supposed to be spent on cool things, right? Right! Templecon is the one time of the year I’m guaranteed to see my pals from Lost Sponsor Broken Egg Games. Broken Egg’s been with us for… what, three years now? We appreciate their ongoing support, and this year I got to throw some money at them too. Bonus!

    The first thing I picked up was a set of walls. Broken Egg makes three walls – a roped stump-post wall, a more generic hewn brick wall, and a wall of magic rocks, because magic rocks.

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