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  • Pinning for the fjords: Gdaybloke’s Fave Five PP Pins

    The announcement that there’s going to be a Monsterpocalypse pin set available at Lock n Load has answered a question that’s been floating in my subconscious, occasionally surfacing, for some time know: Will there be any more Privateer Press Pins? The last Privateer Insider about pins was at the end of 2016, and I’ll confess a measure of disappointment that there were no new pins to satisfy my cravings for enamel and small metal spikes that I could accidentally pierce my nipple with. It’s no secret that I love my pin collection – it’s on the wall over the desk where I do all my bloggery after all – but there are some significant spaces I’d love to be able to fill.

    I see you don’t believe me, and I need to establish my credentials…


    Click the pics to slightly embiggen. There’s a few Disney pins, some Pokemon pins, and some other stuff on there too, including a vial of salt that was the site token at an SCA event, but you get the idea.

    Given that there’s hope for new pins on the horizon, I thought I’d use the day to share the five favourite Privateer Press pins in my collection. Some pins are rarer than others, some have been traded for, some have traveled halfway around the world to end up on my wall, but these are the ones that make me smile more than the others, for one reason or another.

    5. Glow-In-The-Dark Pistol Wraith Caine

    This was one of the first “hard to get” pins. The Glow-In-The-Dark variant was a limited release of only 250 pins, and was only sold at Lock n Load 2014.

    This pin is special to me because it was gifted to me by a friend who attended, and I wore this pin on the brim of my hat in the last large scale team tournament I played in. The fact that it’s an evil, unholy incarnation of one of those filthy Morrowans from Cygnar, twisted into an abomination -and- it glows in the dark? Bonus!

    4. Honey Bunches of Goats

    The cereal box series has been an entertaining source of Warmachine/Hordes related puns, from Lucant Charms to Raisin Rahn. I didn’t make a point of collecting the cereal box subset, but I did grab a few.

    Honey Bunches of Goats was a must. The dad-joke-ness of it is almost transcendent, and it rolls off the tongue beautifully. Add to that, it makes sense as something that *could* be done as a cereal, as much as it makes me gag to think about it. Let’s face it – the idea of some poor kids being raised in Immoren with a big bowl of Honey Bunches of Goats on the table every morning, is bloody hilarious.

    Try not to think about what part of the goat might be made into the ‘bunches’, especially given the size of Gnarlhorn Satyrs…

    3. Sweet Retribution

    Released as part of the GenCon 2014 exclusive pin set, Sweet Retribution was the first pin of Eiryss, Mage Hunter of Ios, followed later by her two chibi versions. The set celebrated Privateer Press’ partnership with The Ram brewery, where each year we’re treated to a special brew, with shirts, mugs, growlers, and for the last several years, alternate sculpt miniatures. Each brew – from Kilt Lifter to Bombardier Bombshell to Blindwater Brew – has its own logo art, four pieces of which were turned into pins for the 2014 set.

    No alternate model was released for Sweet Retribution Pale Ale, but it remains my favourite logo, with 2018’s City Smasher coffee-infused stout’s Monsterpocalypse-themed  logo a close second. The Sweet Retribution logo had a delightful level of sass as Eiryss reclines, beer in hand, and crossbow ready for a cheeky snipe.

    2. Chibi Reznik

    I love the chibi pins. Almost all of them make me smile, and with a couple of notable exceptions I think they’re an amazing, fun alternative representation of characters we’ve grown to love, be it from their performances on the tabletop or based on their fluff.

    Reznik, the Protectorate’s Human Resources director and general all-round sociopath with tunnel vision, brought me mixed results on the field, but he’s always been fun to play. His chibi incarnation is one of the best translations from standard version to big-headed mini-psychopath, especially from the five chibi Protectorate pins (Sorry Feora and alt-Harbinger, you’re outclassed by Malekus,
    Harbinger and Reznik).

    1. Subterra Bravo Facilities Icon

    This one flies under the radar, it’s fantastic. It was only handed out to people who did a Level 7: Escape demo at Lock & Load in 2014, but I was lucky enough to trade for one at GenCon with a PP staffer. It’s smaller than a lot of PP’s other pins, about the size of the ability logos, and since it’s not a character or warjack, it’s not as blatantly geek centric.

    I once wore it to a wedding as a lapel pin, with a tie that matched the purple, it was perfect. While I’m normally totally on board with flying the geek flag high, being able to wear this rare piece of bling is quite fun.

    Add to that, I really like Level 7. I think it’s a fantastic game series that many people didn’t give the chance it deserves, so I’m delighted to be able to wear the pin and show some love for one of my favourite boardgames.

    Honorable mentions:

    Three pins almost made the list: Zombie Gunnbjorn, the Chibi Warpwolf, and Chibi Vayl. Vayl was a very popular pin and the original sold out very quickly, so Privateer released an alt-Vayl for those who missed the initial release. As for the Warpwolf, just look at him… he’s damn adorable in all his Wyrm-loving, civilization-hating, feral angriness!

    Are you a Privateer Pinhead? Which pins pricked your fancy?


  • Gday At GenCon: ALL THE PINS!

    So I’m not going to lie, I may have gone a little overboard collecting Privateer Press pins at GenCon. I’ve wanted to get some for, well, since we heard that they were coming out, and I’ve avidly followed the assorted Privateer Press Insider blogs that relate to them, but in the end I just wasn’t prepared for the niftiness. I walked into that booth, past guardian of the gate Nick Kay, and promptly boggled at the pin carousel and proceeded to load up my basket.

    And then there was the trading! If you spotted a pin you wanted on a Privateer staffer’s lanyard, you could offer to trade any pin that they didn’t currently have, for the one you were after. This was key because there’s a number of alternate scheme pins that you can *only* get by trading with staffers. At GenCon this was the alternate Chibi Ashlynn, which we’ll get to in a minute.

    Three full lanyards and a decent portion of satchel later, and Will Hungerford tweeted me at my… best? Worst? Either way, there was a lot of heavy metal hanging around my neck at the end of Friday night, so I thought I’d showcase what I ended up with once all of the trading was done.

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