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  • The new LH Swag Store

    IKRPGGday80lhshirtsBehold, for the enjoyment and edification of all, Lost Hemisphere now has a new swag store. The old one’s still up and running for those who feel like getting in touch with Lost Hemisphere: The Original Blog, but in the age of Lost Hemisphere: The Next Bloggeration, we look to a more… sophisticated means of swaggery. Hence, you can now get LH stuff from MyLocker.

    Here be the linky to the new swag store.

    Pros  of the new Swag Store:

    • Much cooler range of shirt types
    • The purchaser can design their own swag, so you can put together something that suits your personal style, and then slap an LH Astrolabe on it.
    • There’s a softball jersey option. Because why shouldn’t there be?

    Cons of the new Swag Store:

    • Shipping outside of the United States is prohibitively expensive at this time. If you live outside of the US, I strongly recommend using a pal in the US as a shipping waystation (ie, get stuff shipped to them, have them ship to you)
    • For some reason, it thinks we run a bakery, and it default to that on most shirts. Thankfully, it’s really easy to put whatever word you want in there. If you have dreams of a Lost Hemisphere Haberdashery, you can make a shirt that promotes it. Use the drop-downs, or manually edit the field on the right of the screen. I’m trusting you to behave with the freedom on offer here.

    Yes, I drafted up the last shirt in the pic because it amused me. I’d totally buy assorted pastries from Lost Hemisphere Bakery. The profiteroles would be amazing. Just sayin’.

    So there you have it. If you’re so inclined, if you’d like to help support Lost Hemisphere and Lost Hemisphere Radio or you just think the Astrolabe’s as cool as I do, you can now set yourself up with swag accordingly. Enjoy responsibly.