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  • Well, here we are again.

    IKRPGGday80This isn’t what it looks like. Well, not exactly.

    Several years ago, I started a blog in which I rambled about VS System, and recruited like minds to do the same. It evolved into a Warmachine/Hordes blog, and became something of which I was (and still am) very proud. Aided by some truly exceptional people, Lost Hemisphere stamped its boot on the blogosphere and said NO MORE!!! to high end competitive strategic analysis. It’s a game, dammit, we cried, and we’re playing it for fun and entertainment.

    Time passed, a podcast followed, and I like to think good times were had by all… almost.

    As the years continued and Lost Hemisphere grew, it asked more and more of my time, and with a growing family that was something that I had less and less of. Changes on the homefront meant that I needed to be free to dedicate myself more to my growing children and less to an internet presence. With a heavy heart, Lost Hemisphere, as it was, published its final post.

    That was about a year ago.

    Times haven’t changed that much on my end, but I’ve found time and again that I miss blogging. I miss feeling the stream of consciousness as rambling thoughts congeal into words that, with any luck, make sense to someone out there. More than anything, Lost Hemisphere was an outlet for the side of me that likes to think it can do word stuff. We’ve continued to post previews and reviews on the LH forums, but I think all and sundry can agree that the blog was more fun to read…

    … and so here we are.

    The plan at this stage is not to return 100% to the ways of old, but to use the LH blog as a more organic outlet for expressive writing about why you should all be playing more Idrians, and a repository for review stuff and the odd photodump. We won’t be returning to the daily posting schedule (at least, not at first), but to some extent, we’re baaaaack….