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  • MCP: Shuri

    With Okoye finished, Shuri couldn’t be far behind. The painting table is that much closer to being cleared for Ghost Rider and Dr Strange. I didn’t find Shuri as challenging a model to build as the interwebs would have you believe, but she was a challenge to paint, and when her leg snapped off at the ankle, getting a pin in there was tough, but that’s a reflection of my own shakiness with a pin vice more than a comment on the quality of the model.

    Shuri’s model has fine detail that my old man eyes had trouble following, and like many Crisis Protocol models the detail is more truescale than exaggerated, so my old man hands had some difficulty painting in the lines too, as it were, but with her completed the Wakanda faction of my collection is done.

    As a character, much like the other Wakandans, my experience with Shuri is pretty limited, and relies heavily on the movies. In all fairness, Letitia Wright’s portrayal of Shuri as intelligent, feisty, fun and capable when it came time to throw down was endearing – almost making her a Wakandan Spider-Man in terms of brilliant-wit-meets-heroism – and should she assume the mantle of the Black Panther in the MCU I’d be thrilled.

    In game she swings in as a Threat 3 Middleweight, but her damage capacity is reduced in exchange for excellent board control. Her basic attack – Panther Gauntlets – caps out at 1 damage, but every blast pushes the attacker away. Her secondary attack – Sonic Crush – packs some punch, but its real value is in the automatic Stun and potential Stagger effects it delivers.

    Super Geniuslets her count shields instead of strikes as successes when attacking, allowing her to maximize her rolls, and Upgradeslets her grant rerolls to teammates. Granted, it can cost her a lot of power to use, but considering she generates additional power off when she rolls skulls, chances are she’s going to have some to hand those rerolls around.

    Shuri is a quintessential support character, with Panther Gauntlets and Upgrades primed to see a lot of use to shove opponents around and to help your entire team maximize their dice rolling potential. She’s paired with Okoye in a pack together, making Wakanda the easiest affiliation to collect in the game, and if you’re looking for a team player to make your other heroes shine, she’s locked and loaded.

    Find Shuri at your FLGS or preferred online retailer, yell “Pew! Pew!” as she punches opponents from half a board away and sends them flying away.