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    I love just about everything about Warmachine and Hordes and the Iron Kingdoms as a setting. While I don’t see myself playing some factions, I can happily envision them as antagonists for the factions that I do favour. I love the depth of the setting, I love sinking into Skull Island Expeditions fiction and reveling in No Quarter background fluff. I sink my metaphorical teeth into High Command, and titter with glee as I load up Warmachine Tactics (which I really need to do more often)… but every once in awhile it’s nice to cleanse the palette. It’s no crime to enjoy another game line, to take a break from painting Bane Thralls and to paint something Chibi, to play a game with a different setting or mechanic for awhile. This is why you’ll sometimes see Relic Knights or Arena Rex posts, for example.

    I received a ping a few days back from a lad from Poland (always an exciting thing – Hello, Poland!) concerning a kickstarter that’s going on for a new game called Norsgard. Seemed potentially interesting, so I took a look to see what was to be seen.


    For me personally, a large part of absolutely any game is the setting. I’m a fluff nut. I occasionally refer to myself as a Fluff Bunny, but Fluffernutter might be more appropriate given my waistline. If I’m engaged by the setting, next is visual appeal. Are the components (be they tokens or models) well-made and spiffy looking? Are the printed materials decent both in terms of interior art and print quality? After that it’s down to the rules and mechanics. My head doesn’t wrap around such things in the same way as others, and I’m willing to work with some mechanical hiccups in the interests of a visually stunning game.

    That on the table, what’s the deal with Norsgard?

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