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  • Riot Quest: Phantom of the Rimeshaws – Yssylla

    Silence. Emptiness. Where before there had been light, sound, visions… now only a blank void. Everblight had been the star by which she sailed. His oracle to the blighted Nyss tribes, Yssylla’s word had been that of their lord and master. From the shepherds to the striders, Yssylla had spoken for Everblight, providing guidance for the winter elves as they fulfilled the whims of the great dragon.

    Then the Claiming.

    Something happened when the Infernals came. Everblight vanished. No longer could she hear his inscrutable thoughts, begging to be… scruted… to direct her people. Yssylla was at once free from the hold the dragon had on her very soul, and stripped of everything that had elevated her above her fellow Nyss. 

    In the post-apocalyptic world that remained, would she rise or fall? She heard the call of Greygore Boomhowler as he ventured into the ruined castle of the dark prince seeking lost treasures… maybe there she will find a new niche to fill.

    A Specialist hero for Riot Quest, Yssylla is about brains more than brawn, but don’t be deceived. While she may pack the Tinker ability like all Specialists, she’s still a potent ice sorceress in her own right, and also packs a suitably pretentious feather back display. Bonus points to whoever paints her up a a peackock. 😉

    Her Freeze ability lets you deny your opponents activations by putting action die from the dice well onto their card, and her Toxic Ice Blast is one of the few area effect attacks in the game, letting you potentially damage a handful of clumped opposing models in one shot. Note that Toxic Ice Blast doesn’t discriminate between friend or foe…

    For Hordes, Yssylla is a Nyss solo for the Legion of Everblight. The dragon’s voice still ringing in her head (remember, Riot Quest is set in an alternate timeline), Yssylla’s position as an oracle and sorceress is secure.

    So secure, in fact, that she has no melee or ranged attacks whatsoever, relying entirely on her spellcasting. This can make her vulnerable to abilities that capitalize on spellcasting targets, but her Stealth will help keep her on the board long enough to earn her points cost.

    Her spells are a solid mix of offense and utility. Shatter Storm is a longtime personal favorite, giving a unit of regular ranged infantry the potential to carpet-bomb an entire line targets, or even to simply threaten opposing support models snuggled up too close to intervening models.

    Puppet Master has a long and venerable tradition of wreaking havoc on opposing accuracy, as vision blurs and what seemed like a solid hit turns out to be no more than a glancing blow. Alternatively, if you can’t afford to miss, you can give a friendly model some reassurance by giving them a second chance with a roll. Being able to pull it off with a 16″ threat range means Yssylla herself can stay quite safe while supporting that Carnivean or messing with that Blitzer.

    Toxic Blizzard rounds out the arsenal, a nice 4″ pie plate that will make a mess of single wound infantry not through the POW10 damage roll, but by inflicting the Corrosion continuous effect. As a devout Menite I’ve relished watching opponents burn under Fire effects, but Corrosion doesn’t care how much armor you have.

    Each of those abilities is potent in themselves, but it’s Unleash the Arcane that’s going to bring Yssylla to the table. With a Magic stat of 8, Yssylla’s solidly accurate with her spells and if she hits with one, she immediately gets to fire off another one. So that’s TWO puppet masters. TWO toxic blizzards corroding that unit of Temple Flameguard in Shield Wall.  TWO friendly units buffed by Shatter Storm. Or, you know, you can mix and match. Simply being able to utilize two spells a turn is a very solid thing.

        Yssylla’s, by Patrick Wilson (left) and Trevor Hyde (right, Devil’s in The Details)

    Yssylla is one of the five starting heroes in the Riot Quest: Wintertime Wasteland starter, available from Privateer Pres. Also apparently multiple painters have decided she needs a purple base.